Wednesday, 22 November 2017

An Ode To Happiness

It's happened many of times now.

Once when I was sat on a cold brick wall outside a mediocre pub linking arms with one of 8 of my best friends about 2am, slightly tipsy and very excited for a Domino's feast that would accommodate us on our sleepover with only two rooms and blankets for shelter. 

We were having a chat with two (intoxicated but really lovely) local lads and an aphorism they surged in our direction has stayed with me ever since. I can't remember the exact words they spoke but it was something along the lines of "I can see you're all really close, I get that vibe. As long as you've got each other, as long as you look after each other, that's all you need." It was a passive drunken comment but it really struck a cord and has been a motto I've held on to ever since.


Thursday, 9 November 2017

Debenhams Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Halloween and Bonfire Night is over which can only mean one thing... the yuletide season is ready and waiting to be appreciated and saluted at full capacity. 

Once November approaches us it's impossible to avoid the 8 letter word whether you're an absolute scrooge or an ultimate advocate for all things extra festive.


I don't know how we got to a place where the word is literally embedded into the brain with a star shaped speech bubble. I don't know where the year went and I certainly don't know how my bank account is going to hold out over the next month. However, there is chance - because deal site Codesium published today a new storewide Debenhams discount code for you to utilise. If you use the code (YF23) you'll get 10% off £50, which means buying in bulk just got better. The promotion is live now through Sunday 12th!


Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Body Confidence Before The Body

Everybody talks about the pre-body before the lifestyle changes, the one that is in your ownership, attached to your self image, and ultimately is the catalyst to the drive that throws you into a brand new routine.

And everybody talks about the after-body, the one you pin your goals on, the healthier, flourishing, refined result of interrupting your sitting down time with a heavy gym session and continuing until you're feeling happier and more positive with the reflection staring back at you.

But nobody ever talks about the in-between. The during.

Nobody ever talks about the trivial obstacles. The squeezing into your gym kit that just about fits, the over observant flaw picking that can set you back miles, the wobbly bits jiggling as you're exerting yourself, the exhaustion, the aftermath of soreness, the long process in which you begin to notice a shift in appearance, and the glossy media that can instantly knock you right back as the ideal gets shoved down your throat at a speedy pace.

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