Friday, 29 April 2016

Salon Success Styling Society Box: Rare Marula Oil

If you cast your mind back to February where I introduced the first instalment of my Styling Society box, then you'll remember I'm lucky enough to be sent some deluxe products during a bi-monthly period, revolving around a theme and blessing me with gracious hair to be boastful about whilst doing so. This month was a completely different focus compared to February's 'no animal testing' but one which I'm equally thrilled with and I was privileged enough to preview the range before it became available to the public at the beginning of April so basically, it's an exclusive to the insiders (or at least I can keep telling myself I'm of great importance, ahem.)


Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Cielo Blanco Leeds: The New Menu Launch

"Why the hell have I never thought to come here before?" - no word of my lie, that was my first thought a couple of weeks back as I entered the restaurant I so quickly disregard during my regular Trinity shopping trips. Even before the food arrived I knew this was gonna be one of those unforgettable dining experiences as I strolled past the beautiful outdoor terrace and into the vibrant, lively atmosphere where I was shown to the large table at the back set out immaculately ready for the lucky samplers of the evening (VIP style at its best). There's plenty of places in Leeds with the familiar indoor setting but Cielo Blanco is definitely on the higher end of the scale. Their interior is flamboyant retro meets traditional and cultural, with striking designs, printed tiling, exposed brick walls and funky, industrial features - plenty of prettiness to meet the eye, and perfect for someone who loves a backup of Insta photos to grace your feed with a pop of colour  (like me, obvs). Not to mention, having first class access to the view of the outdoor balcony where I was seated; the pride and heart of Leeds in sheer view. Already I felt comfortable, zoned and in the mood for some bladdy good grub!


Sunday, 24 April 2016

The Sunday Natter: why we need to stop using mental illness as adjectives

I'm strongly passionate about mental health. Whether passionate is the right word to use for a genesis that has the ability to impact on living a happy, healthy life I'm not entirely sure but what I do know is I always tread carefully on the subject that is personally important to me and many others around me. There's already a negative and discriminative stigma surrounding mental health that has a need to be understood to a serious extent so when I hear the classification of an illness that tears apart every inch of your well being used so frivolously, casually and jokey in everyday conversation, I can't help but feel disappointed, victimised, angry and truthfully, hurt.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Oil Pulling - My Minty Coco Experience

*14 Day Course - C/O Minty Coco

I'll be brutally honest here, I hate my teeth. I don't want to sound like a repetitive self-loather but it's the truth and I've always been conscious of them throughout my youth. You'll rarely see me with a goofy smile, instead it will be replaced with a stern pout and my signature resting bitch face (whoops). It's not just the fact they aren't the straightest of sets; it's the way my mouth awkwardly curves up in an odd shape, my chubby chipmunk cheeks come out to say hello and of course, the colouring doesn't exactly match up to those you see on the likes of TOWIE.

Monday, 18 April 2016

My Yorkshire Blow Dry Experience

I get to visit some pretty awesome places courtesy of this little online empire of mine but an hour and half of my time spent on leather seating staring back at my illuminated reflection is without a doubt the most elated I've been to get home and write up all the positives that made last Wednesday a cheery day indeed. I was lucky enough to be booked into Yorkshire Blow Dry - a brand new blow dry bar exclusive to Leeds, located slap bang in the heart of the city - readily available to treat you to the ultimate pampering experience for any occasion. As I was already in town for a later food tasting event (which was another exquisite encounter may I add) I decided it'd be the perfect opportunity to have my mane tamed, refreshed and transformed before I head off to eat my own body weight in Mexican food. Pure bliss!


Friday, 15 April 2016

Ways To Treat Yourself With New Look Bingo

Good morning, guys! Congrats, you made it to Friday. You're probably feeling worn out from the challenging week you've had to endure, so why not take a read of the article New Look Bingo so kindly provided me with? I know I'll be reciting right back to this worldly advice when I'm on downer (which, let's be real, is pretty regularly). 

Gift yourself some well-deserved ‘Me’ time!

We should all get to enjoy some well-deserved ‘Me’ time after running around like squirrels in the cage for the entire week. Every now and then we feel like experiencing a moment of indulgence. Our wrinkled forehead clearly shows the level of stress and ignorance that we all go through. 

However expensive trips to the spa is really not an option since we usually have a budget, to stick on. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on that little luxury just because you can’t afford to splurge. Check out these super easy ways to pamper yourself for a reasonable price without even leaving your comfort zone:-

Experience a spa at home by lighting a few scented candles and by arranging a hot water bath with rose water and bath salts. You will amazed at how pampered you will feel while having a bath. As a cherry on top you can pour yourself some red wine accompanied by some soft melodious music.

Pamper yourself with some DIY beauty products: Make your self an exfoliating body scrub by mixing a cup of brown sugar, raw oatmeal and olive oil. Followed by a hydrating face mask consisting of honey, yogurt, aloe vera gel and avocado. These will work wonders on your skin.

Play a refreshing game of bingo: There’s absolutely nothing to lose while playing free online bingo games. These games are highly rejuvenating and beneficial when it is offered by authenticated and popular sites like New Look Bingo.

Take a beauty nap: If you really want to feel pampered to the fullest then some beauty sleep is extremely necessary. So, snuggle like a baby and sleep peacefully for an hour or so before getting ready for an awesome day ahead!

What's your favourite way to unwind?

Bridie x

*post in collaboration with New Look Bingo


Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Charlotte Tilbury Vintage Vamp Palette: A Red Toned Makeup Look

I enjoy make-up. My expensive tastes are arising which means I don't always have access to the cosmetics I've saved in the note section of my phone from the influencing vloggers but experimentally enjoying make-up and aiming to improve my amateur skills is a canon fact. My everyday make-up usually consists of the same products, maybe an eyeshadow colour switch up here and there but ultimately, I'm a plain Jane throughout the week. That's why when on the extremely rare occasion I go out, I like to up the glam level and really spend time making an effort; bring out the high quality stuff and feel a million dollars (opposed to the trashy look I'd secretly like to be rocking whilst sat at home in my pjs).

Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Sunday Natter: Do We Need To Strip Naked To Empower Our Bodies?

Tell me this, is there a straight answer to a simple yet elevated question? I personally don't think so. I think there's so many layers to this taboo subject, and so many misunderstood ones at that. The online world went wild when Kim Kardashian posted not one but two photos of her rawly exposed body and of course in true internet frenzy style, there were some awfully harsh, interrogating comments and outdated attitudes to brush past the point of what could have been a strong and powerful message. Ironically, the most objectifying of hurtled insults spouted from middle aged men and women of the same era and status which in a sense can do more damage than good but the mere fact the topic of nudity sparks such interest proves a valid point.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Personal: things that made me happy in March

Happy, happy Friday! Serious question guys, where on earth has this week gone? We're already a week into April and I've only just got round to having a real rigorous reflection on last month and the ups and downs it's brought. Truthfully, the majority of March brings unwanted pain and grievance and hits like a ton of bricks. It's not just the anniversary of family deaths, it's the flooded memories that are conveyed as soon as March hits because I know what's approaching and I know how rebellious my mind can be BUT thankfully, there's still been some uplifting moments to hold me up right and stay sane (or at least the slightest bit sane, anyway).

Monday, 4 April 2016

Sunglasses Season: Finding The Right Pair For You

As the sunshine finally decided to show its face last week and it gave premature hope of the ultimate shift into the glorious spring/summer season (premature being the main word here because as excited as I was about the moderately warm mornings and progressive blossomed trees - it's back to gloomy rain this week) it was the perfect opportunity to venture out into my not so superior front garden to christen my brand new Polaroid sunglasses courtesy of the fix of all high end sunnie cravings for half the price - Discounted Sunglasses.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Leeds Lush Spa Event: Tales Of Bath and an introduction to Spring

It's no secret Lush blogger events are my ultimate favourite pastime on a hump day night; with the VIP feel, the welcoming warmth of the staff and uncountable opportunities to worship the array of colourful and irresistibly influencing bath, hair, body and skin collections. SO, when another opportunity arose to attend my second Lush Spa therapy insight for their new treatment 'Tales Of Bath', as well as awing in the #LushSpring range, how could I possibly turn it down? (truthfully, that ain't ever gonna happen).
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