Friday, 26 February 2016

London Fashion Week: the blogger street style edition

So, London Fashion Week is officially over for another season and whilst the fashionistas recover from a busy schedule of celebrating global style, experiencing the designer shows, catwalks and presentations, living the glamour life and totally rocking that street style, I'm still sat on my sofa feeling completely inadequate, frantically finding inspiration from updated social media, and admiring and applauding the uniqueness that fashion week brings.


Monday, 22 February 2016

Ten familiar signs your time of the month is on its way

Periods and PMS, they're not regularly talked about in general conversation but as women, we all have them and unfortunately, they can't be avoided without some kind of doctors visit or a blockage on mother nature. BUT, why shouldn't we be able to involve the subject in general natter? I know I'm not squeamish and sheepish when the topic is brought up. In fact, I'd like to think I'm familiar with my body, so much so that I know the ins and outs of when that dreaded 'time of the month' is creeping upon me. If I forget to keep track of the cycle dates in the diary, it doesn't make any difference; all I know is when I'm abnormally hungry and start to get that annoying over-eye headache, the time is near. Which leads me on to today's post (which should have been posted yesterday but lazy old me didn't have the motivation to type away) and the signs you personally have or can relate to - because bringing humour into a cramp and flood infested environment makes it seem that little more light-hearted. 


Friday, 19 February 2016

The ankle boot menu: my collection

There's no denying I've built up quite the boot collection over the past and current season - you could even reach the extreme of saying I've developed a borderline addiction - but something I've never done is gather the bundled heap squashed in my wardrobe and presented them on my blog to guide you through the all high-street pairs I consider a staple in my day to day wear. Block heeled ankle boots are my favourite kind of boots to wear all year round and are absolutely my favourite boots to buy. There's something so greatly satisfying about hunting down the next perfect pair on your list, whether that's a certain colour or style, and then opening the delivered box to the fresh smell of faux suede, leather and PU. Weirdly, that makes me rather happy.  

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Salon Success Styling Society Box: No Animal Testing

Back in January, I was sent my first ever Styling Society box joining with my most trusted haircare brand, the prestigious Paul Mitchell. This blogger based programme means I am one of the members lucky enough to receive a bi-monthly box of products designed and specially picked to my specific requirements ready for me to test and share my thoughts with you all. Sounds exciting, right? When I opened my carefully wrapped package to be greeted with various welcoming messages and a novelty biscuit (which I'm yet to devour), I knew I was in for a treat. I've had an absolute ball pampering my hair with some luxury and have really noticed a vast difference in the past month! 

Friday, 12 February 2016

Life: new menu tasting at Black Swan Leeds

The first time I visited Black Swan was for the Leeds Xmas Meet back in December. Before this, I'd heard so much about the delicious food on top of a traditional rustic pub meets industrial city vibe yet I'd never been to try the tantalising tastes. Luckily, I was kindly invited back there to trial their new February winter to spring menu and I wasn't disappointed! Black Swan has such a lovely, warm feel to it; with the cosy dimmed lighting (albeit not great for a non-high quality camera), friendly service and wooden interior. You're instantly welcomed on arrival and in such a handy location, it's the perfect unwinding venture for a classic sit down meal with grade A chef skills. That was my conclusion at the end of a rainy Tuesday evening last week.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: pink is the new black

A couple of weeks ago, a lovely man named Adam got in touch to ask whether I'd be interested in reading, featuring and giving any insight into his Rose Quartz Inspiration university assignment - a piece he put together to connect influential fashionistas to this season's trends. As you can see, his article was a focus on some spring style and accessories and as I loved his neutral feminine picks, I thought what better way to share them with you all than on my Wednesday Wishlist day...


Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Sunday Natter: 20 ways to know you're addicted to a TV show

*just to note although it is pretty entertaining, I'm not referring to Take Me Out, it was just on the tele at the time

As I completely missed out my Sunday Natter writing last week, I didn't want to jump straight in there with another feisty rant, which is why today's post is going to be kicked off with some lighthearted fun (of which deemed appropriate at this time of year when hibernating in front of the box seems appetisingly pleasing).

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Personal: things that made me happy in January

January's been a funny old month, hasn't it? They don't call it blue January for no reason. There's been some awful news and a severe lack of motivation my end; the loss of many iconic people, storms blasting the country, darkness all day, every day, being completely broke from Christmas, not to mention the sluggish, run down feeling of eating too much, not being able to improve the healthiness, and having nothing to look forward to. Quite honestly, I'm thankful for a fresh new chapter; February always seems like the month to be serious with the nitty gritty and by god, I'm so ready for spring. 

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