Saturday, 28 November 2015

Life: a day out in Scarborough

The Yorkshire Coast has always held a place in my heart with a dozen childhood memories safely stored there, so when I was kindly asked along to stay at just one of the best Scarborough hotels on the market (believe me) I couldn't not revisit one of my favourite places before I relaxed for the night; especially on such a beautiful, sunny day which I was luckily blessed with during a rainy November. Taking my darling mum along with me for a well needed weekend break, we caught the train down early morning to make the most of the day and were able to take advantage of all the hidden treasures I'd often pushed to the back of my mind previously.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Wednesday Wishlist: my guide to Christmas gifts

So, it's that time of year again. November has gone by in a flash, it's only one month until Christmas Day and it's now inevitable to put buying Christmas gifts to the back of your mind. My family have now reached that flabbergasting point of constantly nagging me for options on what to buy me, and I'm currently in panic mode because I'm nowhere near started with the Xmas shopping (never mind finished). Nothing an organised wishlist can't solve though, right? I always find it so much more helpful putting the items visually together to provide a base of ideas to the people asking. It's guaranteed, all year round, I'll have at least two or three things I'm keen to get hold of but once Christmas comes round, my mind goes completely blank. It takes a good few days to mentally gather a list, and even then I'm constantly swapping and changing my outlook. Will I actually find a use for this or am I just lusting over it because of its pretty, festive packaging and seasonal purpose? Gifts at Christmas are possibly my favourite kind, I appreciate EVERYTHING handed to me, from a plain old bank note and high street voucher, to a splurging luxury but when a present is just so right, it makes that unwrapping surprise so much more magical. 

Who knows, my personal picks could even be inspiration for a potential womanly gift guide...

River Island underwear set | As each year passes, underwear gets worn out (how about that for a pun) and there's no better opportunity to spice up your knicker drawer than a classy set for Christmas. This beautiful lace applique number is perfect for bringing out that inner moulin rouge and is ideal for wearing at those upcoming parties (because there's nothing like a matching underwear set to complete an outfit).

Topshop Unicorn Hottie | Argh, the cuteness of this is ridiculous. The little snugly face alone is enough to persuade you to make her (it's definitely a her) a new resident in your home. For someone who's always (and I mean, always) cold, anything that is designed to warm you up is a winner in my eyes and thinking about it, I actually lack in the hot water bottle area. I don't own that many so that's an excuse to stock up.

Christmas Pencil Set | I'm always on the look out for new stationary and what a better addition than a classic chic set of pencils, especially when they're made to get you into the Christmas spirit. I could go on forever when there's wood pencils and gold written quotes involved! 

Olivia Burton Watch | Who doesn't have one of these on their list every year? I certainly do because there's just no end to the dreamy detail embedded into those watches. I'm in love with the rose gold and white contrast and the vintage style face. I'd be in for a real treat if I was presented this stunning piece on the 25th.

The Happiness Planner | I'm currently aiming to up my journal/planner/notebook game and I think owning a Happiness Planner is such a great way to start. Welcoming positivity, joy and happiness in a life that can often be caught up in nothing but schedule and routine is a fab way to provide self-confidence and motivation, which could even be used to improve 

NARS Nail Polish | A stocking filler but with a high quality price tag which is worth the extra spend. NARS is a makeup brand I adore and admire so I'd be more than chuffed to expand my collection with an indulgence into my usually-boring-and-not-the-slightest-bit-glossy nails.

Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial | Can we talk about the beautiful limited edition Christmas packaging on this product? If ever there was a time for me to give my face some well needed treatment, that time would be on Christmas evening when the unwinding starts. I've been dying to try this out for so long now, and the special celebration box it's provided in is enough to persuade me.

NARS Audacious Lipstick | I already own Anita and it's one of my ultimate favourite shades, I'm now anchoring after another (Barbara to be precise) and it's right up there on the top of my list. Receiving a gorgeous lipstick is always so satisfying as you know it's always going to be put to use!

Public Desire Ankle Boots | I've seen these boots swiping the blogosphere and now it's heightened my shoe fetish and desire for a dozen pair of boots in the winter months. My mum's the first person to question whether I want any clothes/shoes/bags for Christmas so I'm currently informing her of these beauties as I type. 

Kate Spade Phone Case | Ever since I bought my iPhone 6 back in January, I've risked the protection by leaving it bare and without any case. As my clumsiness is slowly but surely increasing, (and after a good few drops and smashes) I don't think it's no longer safe to chance completely killing the poor thing after only a year of life. Kate Spade have such a divine selection and utterly meet my gold polka dot obsession.

KIKO Contouring Sticks | I'm hoping these are in stock in my local KIKO store. I've already expressed my love for their makeup range and this duo is another one to add to the collection. If anything is going to make contouring easier, it's a simple satin bronzer and highlighter pencil.

Ohh Deer Pineapple Necklace | Pineapples, pineapples everywhere. I'm starting to think they're the answer to all problems. I don't what it is about pineapples that make them so appealing but wherever they're featured, they have my heart. A unique piece of jewellery is such a lovely gift to open on Christmas Day.

Enchanted Forest Colouring Book | I can't even tell you how long I've been wanting one of these therapeutic adult colouring books, it's just finding the right one that's been the problem. After doing my research, I've decided Enchanted Forest is the best. Even browsing through the electronic pages sent me into a healing frenzy. These books are such an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift guaranteed to occupy you for hours!

Missguided Stripe Pyjamas | I've been swooning over the Missguided nightwear range ever since they released it, especially the pretty pink sets eager to bring my inner girly side out. It's sort of tradition in my household to receive a new pair of pyjamas at Christmas!

The Body Shop Coconut Festive Picks | Ahh coconut, my one true love. The Body Shop's Christmas collection and gift wrapped boxes never fail to impress. They're always created with the customer in mind, and in this case it's a customer with a serious coconut addiction who is pleased to see all my favourites are accumulated into one.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette | Smoky brown natural eye shadow shades are the hues I rely on. Along with some bolder shades, this palette is the answer to all my prayers. I feel like I could attempt to fabricate some serious shimmer to matte combinations with this (and it's chocolate shaped, which may subside my sweet cravings whilst I try and make healthy food choices).

Of course I don't expect all sixteen of these gifts but it definitely will provide my questioning family with some meaningful ideas!

What's on your Christmas list?

Bridie x

Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Sunday Natter: exposing your blog to the real world

It's a taboo subject; a do I, don't I question. I don't know why we fear informing our nearest and dearest of our most loved hobby or why we cringe and want to hide away in a dark cupboard somewhere at the mention of our blog in the 'real life' (definition: everyone away from the safe and expressive internet place we hold deeply) but we do (or at least I hope we do and I'm not alone) and I'd love to know your personal thoughts on this matter! 


Friday, 20 November 2015

Beauty: my hair care secrets

There's some secrets that just have to be shared, especially when in the name of beauty (fellow woman to woman companionship and all that). If you're anything like me, you'll try anything to ensure you feel the benefits of beauty secrets and in turn wish to look like a million dollars. Everyone deserves to feel confident and what better way than to latch on to individual and personal formulas that seem to work in their favour, then being incorporated into your routine!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Wednesday Wishlist: winter shopping with wholesale buying


Another day, another discovery fulfilling my easily influenced needs of a bargain find. I love wholesale shopping; I'm always surprised just how relatively cheap the pieces are, and even more (positively) surprised when the garments arrive and they're much more superior than initially thought. I think popping on to wholesale sites like Wholesale Buying can save hell of a lot of time and money once the winter propels into full swing. There's no denying there are tons of choice but the productive night spent scrolling through a high number of pages is worth it when you can find all you need in one place.  

As the brisk coldness is well on its way, I'm switching from basic long sleeves to full blown jumpers, fur gilets and an ever growing collection of coats. Basically as many layers as possible because I don't do being freezing. A simple round up of what I'm currently lusting over? Chunky knits, faux fur, wrap over tops, belted coats and the added detail of lavish lace to add that touch of class to a bustled up torso. 

What winter styles are you into at the moment?

Bridie x


Monday, 16 November 2015

A special guest post: Mary Jane Fashion's favourite high street designers

Hello lovelies! There couldn't be a better time to publish my first ever guest post. A freshly started week? Check. A re-branded blog I can now be proud of? Check. A passion for fashion? Double check. When Mary Jane Fashion got in touch asking to feature on my blog, I was honoured. I've come across their online retailer in the past and have loved what I saw so there's no surprise that they've produced a brilliant, interesting piece for me and my readers based around their personal favourite high street/designer collaborations. I know I certainly take advantage of a bargain and rejoice at a high street collaboration with designer quality and I'm sure there's lots of others who also feel the same. Enjoy!

Fashion collaborations
What’s perhaps more exciting than a new designer collection is a collection where designers have collaborated with a high-street counterpart. Many of us cannot afford to spend thousands and thousands of pounds on the latest designer pieces coming from the runways and so look to emulate those styles with more financially viable alternatives. When high street-designer collaborations drop the hard work is done for us, with many of the clothing pieces falling directly in line with the designers’ haute creations, embodying the same aesthetics and capturing the same moods. Although many of them sell out almost straight away, it gives us the opportunity to buy into the collections of designers we can only dream of. Here, we reminisce about some of the best collaborations to appear in some of our favourite high street stores.

H&M and Alexander Wang 2014
This cool-kid designer from New York is a go-to for many of the style set thanks to his luxurious basics, his sports-luxe cool and for his stylishly dishevelled beauty looks (who can forget those gorgeous messy plaits from S/S 2010?) In a short space of time he amassed a large cult following and his star ascended to lofty heights, with people clamouring to get to his runway shows. Teaming up last year with H&M was a god-send for his fans and admirers who fawn over his work but don’t have the budget for his ready-to-wear collections. The collection consisted of his signature polished sportswear style, featuring crop tops, leggings, dresses, scuba boots and leather rucksacks. With famous fans like Dakota Fanning, Kate Mara and Jessica Chastain, there was no way the collection was going to stay around for long and sure enough, H&M’s website went into melt-down the day it landed.

Topshop and Kate Moss 2007
In the spring of 2007, fashion royalty and veritable style icon Kate Moss brought her covetable style to the shop-floors of one of the country’s biggest retailers. Topshop has always been a destination for style-conscious women because they are able to seamless translate red carpet looks for the high street. Moss, who is great friends with Topshop’s CEO Phillip Green, produced a collection of effortlessly stylish dresses, tops, jeans and leather jackets that formed a hybrid of both her bohemian and rock and roll looks, which have wowed her fans and followers for many years. She whipped everyone into even more of a frenzy when she modelled a red dress from the collection in the window of Topshop’s flagship store on Oxford Street before it opened. 

Lulu Guinness and Uniqlo 
The world-renowned British accessories designer and the Japanese high street store have collaborated on several occasions, producing fun and fabulous basics that are tongue-in-cheek and humorous. One of the many draws to Japan is the irreverent style that can be seen in Tokyo’s Harajuku district, where inhabitants dress up in an almost cartoonish way, making use of pastel colours, voluminous silhouettes and kawaii (‘cute’) prints. As a result, Lulu Guinness, known for her lips clutch back and cat eyes accessories, goes hand-in-hand with the Harajuku vibe, producing a collection that was self-consciously playful and cheeky. Shop similar styles at Mary Jane Fashion.

Do you have any more of your own to add to the list?

Bridie x

Friday, 13 November 2015

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Wednesday Wishlist: H&M Christmas range


Now Halloween and Bonfire Night is over, it's totally acceptable to talk about and share my love for Christmas and all its attire, right? To tell you the truth, the real excitement for Christmas doesn't kick-start until right into December (practically a week before when all the Christmas presents are bought and wrapped and I'm less stressed). As I get older I'm finding myself lost in a festive world where the true magical moments happen as a child BUT one thing I'm always so giddy about is Christmas decor and homeware interior. 

Of course, my go to place is H&M, always. They supply a collection that meets my compulsive silver and rose gold needs all year round and once the seasonal stock comes out, I almost can't help myself. With the amount of cutesy details, cheery kitchenware and unique tree hangings, I can feel a mega splurge coming on. I say this like I own my own house but really I'll just end up piling each tiny, overcrowded room with boxes of H&M deliveries which can only be brought out once a year. The thing is, I also think a few of my picks could be re-used again once the Christmas hype is over. Items such as the metal holder, the candle, the super sequined cushion and how can I resist those gorgeous copper acorns?!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Bridie x

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Goodbye Upon My Sleeve - hello The Same Old Chic

HELLO, it's me - the same me, actually. Don't worry, I haven't morphed into Adele heartbreak (the worst kind), I've just had a complete blog relaunch and I'm struggling to hide my excitement! I'd been contemplating the change for a while now but as I've already changed my blog name twice before I was hesitant it would cause some more disturbance. Then I thought, why the hell not? I have to do this for me.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Life: moving to Cuba at Revolucion De Cuba, Leeds

Ignoring the pelting rain outside, last week I was fully in holiday mode as I headed down to the brand new Revolucion De Cuba bar restaurant situated on the famous Call Lane in Leeds. Long story short, there used to be a sectioned part of the ordinary Revolution bar based around the Cuban style fiasco and now, they've brought the almighty to a whole different environment (and a brilliant one at that).

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Wednesday Wishlist: cape magic


I'll be the first to hold my hands up and admit I often jump on the bandwagon to the latest trends. It is questionable whether I'm able to conduct a style goal but I like to at least attempt it, just to say I gave it a go (and probably profoundly failed whilst doing so).

Monday, 2 November 2015

Beauty: the KIKO focus

KIKO is fast becoming one of my favourite beauty brands. Although I now rely heavily on high-end (bloggers, I blame you) KIKO ticks all my expectations and I actually see it as the superior side of cosmetics because of its impressive standard.
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