Monday, 31 March 2014

Co-ord Monday


You may have realised I've been absent on my blog lately. I've had a few personal issues to deal with and my mind's been elsewhere for the past couple of weeks. I have to admit I haven't really had time to think about blogging and it's been at the back of my mind. However, my love for style hasn't been sacrificed and is still stronger than ever. I've been catching up on my favourite retailers (I think I have a serious problem with constantly checking for new stock, guys!) and have found myself swooning over two piece coordinates. 

As the clocks went forward on Sunday AM, it's officially 'summer'. This pretty much has no meaning for us UK'ers as the weather has a mind of its own and chooses to act like a hormonal teenager, more than likely resulting in it teeming down with rain on the day you have plans. Always. However, dreaming about the glorious sunshine, the sandy beaches, long walks and freshness in the air is the perfect excuse to start searching for your summer wardrobe. The brighter colours and gaudy patterns are striking me this season like the Motel print cami and skirt set, as well as the lighter, simpler more pastel coloured patterns like the Missguided retro print two piece and the subtle Primark palm tree set. I've never owned a two piece before and I've never thought of it being my thing but I've seen so many celebrities and bloggers looking fabulous in them and soon became attached to experimentation. Once I have the spare cash and make a decision of which one I'm most likely to wear; I'll certainly make a purchase or two for my holiday in June. I love the fact they're very versatile and can be dressed up or down, layered or left plain and paired with minimal or eccentric accessories which means it won't just be a once worn wonder, I can wear it all year round.

Hopefully over the next few days I will have got back into the swing of things on my blog. I 'have many ideas of what I want to post about including a mixture of my beauty necessities and my outfits I've put together so all I need to do now is find my motivation (time's up, it needs to stop hiding away!)

What have you been loving in the fashion department lately?


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Five years today, Dad

A bit of a different post today. Not one that fits in with my blog but one I felt I needed to get out there. Today marks five years since I lost my wonderful, courageous Dad. As every single year passes by, it still doesn't seem like he's gone. I still expect him knocking at the door, shouting through the letter box in a silly high pitched voice and winding us up to the point of being chased around the house like a naughty child. There's not a day goes by where he's not thought about, we always make sure we remember and reminisce the good times and even the bad. He's always in our hearts and minds and we miss him more every minute, especially when an anniversary or a birthday comes around; that ache in my chest returns, moments occur when I think 'if only my Dad was here to see this' and the signs he's still around watching over us are brought back to the surface. 

However, that's not all I wanted to say on a day like today. I wanted to talk about grief and the impact is has on an individual. Everybody is different and deals with it in a number of ways; whether this be sadness, anger, guilt, or even the inability to show your emotions. There's no right or wrong way to deal with it but finding healthy coping mechanisms is extremely beneficial to your well being. I thought briefly sharing my experience and giving out my advice based on how I dealt with it, may help others who are feeling the same way or who are dealing with some of the same issues.

Never did I think 5 years ago I'd be in the position I am now. The pain, loss, anxiety and depression (which is another story I may talk about in the future when I am comfortable doing so) took over my life and I never thought I'd be able to let these emotions go. Realistically, it's possible to get better and move on to a more positive state of mind. The heart wrenching feeling of knowing your loved one is gone never really goes away and can strike you hard again at any time throughout your time on earth but it does get easier and changing your mindset into something new is a strategy which is important to develop as soon as those first few weeks, even months of overwhelming sorrow seem to be slowing down. 

As I said, each personal situation is different. The general stages of grief seem to be the initial shock and numbness, which then leads on to realisation and acceptance, the heightened sadness and then the other emotions that follow. Some people may not necessarily go through this, some may last longer. You need to remember it's okay to feel this way as a huge change/loss has just happened and it's your body's way of reacting. It is new to you and the healing process is bound to take time, it takes patience and you need to allow yourself time to face your grief and let yourself unravel.  For me, my Dad's death never really hit me until the funeral. The day after that was the start of a drastic suffering when I experienced my worst panic attack to date. I don't feel like I need to go into detail about how this then lead on to greater troubles but in general it did prevent me from living a robust life. My anxiety and depression grew stronger, I couldn't leave the house, I couldn't go to school and had to be more or less dragged there. It was my final year of school and at the time when my GCSE's were taking part which had a negatively marked impression on the end result. It affected my relationships and my self confidence. I began obsessively thinking that everybody was judging me, my behaviour became aggressive towards my close friends and family due to my thoughts on their lack of understanding. I was unable to partake in any ordinary routine, I felt numb and disconnected and I blamed others, comparing people's illnesses with my Dad's thinking 'how are they still here, why did it have to happen to my Dad'. Looking back, it felt as though I was in a never ending maze but with the support and guidance I needed, I managed to pick myself up and start coming to terms with reality.

It is highly important to know the difference between normal and abnormal. I think it was so easy for me to put my entire feelings down to grief instead of looking at the bigger picture which therefore didn't help at all. If in the long run, your feelings are having an effect on your everyday life, they don't seem to be becoming less intense and it becomes serious, it's important to consider seeking help. I was eventually persuaded to see a bereavement counsellor and a cognitive behavioural therapist for my anxiety and I definitely think it was the correct decision to make. It doesn't just give you that chance to express and discuss your emotions, you are taught ways and means of dealing with grief and ways of looking back on memories and smiling instead of sinking into the darkness. I learnt that being around your current loved ones is a must, together your strength will benefit each other. Don't be afraid about talking about your lost one, don't think you have to keep your thoughts to yourself, open up your heart and surround yourself with the ones you need the most. Having a good cry can help enormous amounts, showing your true feelings and crying together can help your friends and family in overcoming their grief too. Whatever you do, don't hide away. Crying doesn't mean you are weak and not crying doesn't mean you don't care; it just simply means everyone has their own ways of airing their feelings.

Another thing I was frightened of doing was making the light of the situation. I didn't feel as though I should look back on a memory, laugh and feel enlightened. This isn't wrong, it's important to go along with every feeling whether that be positive or negative and let go of each one when you're ready. I found out that it's nice to celebrate your loved one's life and all the treasured keepsake moments, although it's normal to feel guilty, it's going to have a gloomy impact on your mind if you don't allow yourself to turn the situation around and think about the worthy characteristics. Something I found kept cropping up in my time of grief was the regrets and 'what ifs', what if we'd done more to prevent my Dad's death? We should have been there more than we should etc etc. The truth is, nobody can change what's happened. If you are dwelling on the changes you wish had occurred, you won't be able to step into the future and you will be tormenting yourself further. Think of it this way, your loved one would not want to see you that way and would never ever put the blame on you.

Expressing your feelings in a tangible way is something I took advice from on a day to day basis. Being creative can not only take your mind off things but it also feels like you are giving something back to your loved one. My shrine I could take myself to everyday was a small memorial garden we planted in the back garden with monumental ornaments and objects that summed up my Dad's personality. You can add a personal touch to it too for e.g. we placed plants in a pair of his trainers and placed his favourite football team's scarf around the tree. It doesn't always have to be something as big as this, it could be a simple diary or journal to mark down how you feel about your loss and how important your loss was to you. It could be a photo scrapbook of all the memories you have shared throughout the years, or it could even be a letter you write to your loved one saying everything you wished you had said and what you could say (which may also be a huge help with your anger and self blame). Just because they're not here anymore does not mean they're not there with you, it's always lovely to still carry them along on this journey.

As anniversaries, milestones, holidays, events or birthdays approach it can and most probably will reawaken your grief. Be aware of this, and once again do not think you are immoral or are having to cope all over again. You may be taken through another emotional rollercoaster but where there's one step back, there's always another step forward. Taking it back to sharing your feelings with family and friends, this is the main solution. You may notice that you want to talk about your loved one more around this time than any usual day so go ahead and do it. Agree on plans to honour your loved one, you could go out together to partake in something they loved or even go out for a meal to celebrate your loved ones life. You could visit their place of rest together to pay your tributes and enjoy the special time spent there. A walk in the fresh air is extremely advantageous when you feel as though you're taking on the world and want to let go. Something my family always do is take a picture of our lost loved ones out whenever we go and keep pictures of them in the car, in our purse, on our keys and so on. This is a gesture that gives you back that connection to your loved one. If you feel comfortable and able to bear the images and reminders of your loved one around you, you may find this is helpful in the healing process.

It is extremely important to look after and not neglect yourself when going through grief. It's so easy to let yourself slip which is why having a healthy lifestyle will keep you at bay. Keeping active, getting enough sleep, eating correctly and exercising will not only release your emotion but keep a steady balance of control. Blocking out the pain using other methods isn't the way to go and I do think if you are feeling this way, it's important to contact your GP or any other professional help you may need. However, this is the last resort. In time, you will hopefully find communicating and symbolizing how you feel to the closest support around you will ease your pain. Don't let anybody tell you how you should feel but give out clear details on what you are enduring and in return, listen to each other, give out advice to each other and be there for each other. Like me, sometimes you may feel that being alone is what you prefer to do. This is fine, as long as you don't bottle up your emotions until the point of exploding. Taking a break and escaping through the power of others or even your own suitable decisions is something you must focus on throughout your period of grief and years on into the future.

I hope what I've discussed here is or will be helpful to someone who is faced with grief and has no idea what will occur after the passing of their loved one. The mixed emotions can often seem overwhelming but by taking it a step at a time, continuing to involve your lost loved one in your life, and seeking the love and guidance of others, you will find improvement and will therefore help you find settlement.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Instagram update & giveaway winner

had my nails done | met Kian Egan at Radio Aire! | my current skincare love (you can read my blog review here)
only 4 days to go and I don't know whether I'm excited or dreading it! | my healthy version of Pancake Day | the hallway had a makeover - inspired my mum with my love for shabby chic furniture
my grandma brought home the loveliest biscuits from her trip to the countryside | my new Zara t-shirt has influenced my love for Paris | feeling all summery with my outfit of the day
face mask night with my fave girl | couldn't resist 3 for 2 at Boots | my current bath bomb and bubble bar collection

Since my last blog post, life has been pretty hectic. I don't know why, there was no particular explanation, but I just seemed to be non stop busy and blogging unfortunately had to be pushed to the back of my mind. I feel like I've been on a mini hiatus which has lead on to non-intended neglect on my blog and I didn't like that feeling so I thought I'd update you all with a few pictures on my recent Instagram happenings.

I've become a bit of an Instagram addict lately, I used to be so slack and unorganised with what I posted on there but now I like my pictures to all look similar, not be messy and to reflect my personality - bright and the lover of all things pretty (but that is subject to change). The limited bit of sunshine we've had this week up North put me in such a good mood and  made me feel all warm and summery which is why I felt the need to photograph some Spring like clothing. That 'too much shopping' habit has gotten worse, even despite me telling myself I need to cut down. A trip to town with my lovely mum last Thursday resulted in a girly day full of pizza, achy feet and too many bags weighing us down. I made the mistake of going into Primark for one thing and coming out with a bag full (AGAIN... oops!), I took advantage of the 3 for 2 at Boots and treated myself to some new makeup (I'm seriously loving the Rimmel Primer) and then I accidently stumbled into Lush; failing to resist the adorable bath bombs featured in the entrance. As you can see by the scary chocolate covered faces, I've also had my 9 year old cousin, Olivia stay with me from Friday to Sunday whilst her mum and dad were away for the weekend. There's never a dull moment when she's around, she's a complete madam with a bundle of energy but never the less, I enjoyed spending precious time with her, we not only had a laugh but we also shared our excitement/formidable dread for Friday. Speaking of Friday, the day I've been waiting on for months which has come around much quicker than expected, is nearly here! From what I've heard about The Wanted's last tour 'for a while' it's going to be an emotional rollercoaster. I don't think I'll be able to hold back the tears reliving the memories that have kept my head high for 4 years. Hopefully I'll be able to keep the sobbing at bay at the meet and greet as I don't fancy resembling a panda on the last photo I'll have with them. The next few days leading up to the event are more than likely going to be spent getting everything together and preparing for Friday but hopefully I can squeeze a blog post or two in there!

Have you been up to much recently? I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who entered my 100 bloglovin' followers giveaway which ended last night, the winner has been contacted so a big congrats to Tracey from the Saturday Night Girl. I really enjoyed getting the giveaway together to send off and I shall look forward to my next giveaway whenever that may be!


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Recent drugstore beauty buys

Wandering into the high street drugstores is a pretty dangerous ordeal for me. I seem to go in for my essentials and end up exiting with more than planned. To be fair, a few of these items are what I use on a daily base so it's not that naughty but as usual, I've resisted temptation to try out the few affordable products that I've been keen to trial through the mention and recommendation of other bloggers. As well as showing you what I bought, I thought I'd do little summarised reviews of the products. I bought them all a couple of weeks back so it's given me the chance to experiment, pick out the favourites and share the pros and cons.

First up, there's the skincare stuff:

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Daily Scrub | £2.99

I haven't actually seen or heard of any reviews of this from my trusty blog reads so I didn't really have anything to go by when purchasing it. However, I did see it advertised and liked the sound of it so it was fate when it was on offer at Superdrug for £2.99. I use this about 3-4 times a week after I have used my loyal Seaweed Cleansing Face Wash and so far, I really like it. The scent is the feature that stands out; for me it smells like summer and reminds me of pure fruit smoothies. It's an extremely refreshing smell but not too overpowering so it is bearable and it doesn't linger on the skin afterwards, just leaves a nice, clean cooling feeling. The texture, like nearly every other face scrub, is a cream scrub with tiny blue beads but the beads are super light and soft and in no way harsh to the skin when applying. I do find with face scrubs that the beads can be hard to wash off and you often find one or two hiding in your hairline and it is the same with this one but that's not a problem. After application around the entire face and when rinsed, it leaves my skin feeling immensely silky smooth and doesn't leave any residue behind which is always a bonus for me. The end result leaves my skin feeling clean but skips the tightness stage afterwards like some scrubs can, and it doesn't strip away any natural moisture (although I think if you used it a lot more often, it may dry out the skin a little). I have genuinely noticed (paired with my other products) my skin looking more balanced since using this and this helps with controlling the excess oil in my face. When I spot (pardon the pun) a few blackheads/whiteheads riddled in the skin, I bring this out and within a day or two, they've disappeared. I've had a few of those pesky, painful under the skin spots lately and when using this it's felt uplifting to the skin and the spots have minimised. Overall, it does exactly as it says and I'm very happy with it. My pores are definitely more refined so I can endeavor in having a mattifying complexion and I will certainly repurchase when this is finished!

Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Makeup Remover | £3.25

As I've started to wear more eye makeup, I wanted to indulge in a cheap but effective eye makeup remover that will successfully and gently erase all traces of my eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. After a search around to see which is best, I settled on this and I'm so glad I did. Simple has always been a reliable skincare range for me and I find their products so lovely yet super affordable so if you don't have the money to fork out the higher end products, you can still have beautiful skin! I love, love, love every aspect of this. You don't need to apply a lot and you don't need to rub forcefully, the makeup just glides off within an instance. It isn't greasy, it isn't heavily scented, it is a clear substance not a cream, and it is perfect for my sensitive eyes leaving no irritation. It even manages to swipe off my gel eyeliner which can be a hassle to take off without this in charge. This is currently £3.25 at Boots but I managed to grab two bottles for the price of one for £1.50 each in Wilkinsons... bargain! I'm so glad I found it. 

Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser | £3.99

I originally bought this when I had a couple of random dry skin patches on my chin and around my nose (which is strange as I've never suffered with it before) but have since used it as my day to day moisturiser. This is a massive positive for this moisturiser, it cleared my dry skin up within days whilst it continues to maintain my oily skin leaving behind any sheen thus making it worse. It certainly is a 'light moisturiser', it feels like you have nothing on the face when applied. It's so fresh and soothing on the skin and leaves a long lasting, soft finish. It is ideal for any skin type and I'd certainly recommend! Once again, I luckily managed to grab this on offer at £2.49 in Wilkinsons but you can purchase it for £3.99 at Boots.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser | £7.50

I have been wanting to try this for a while now and jumped at the opportunity when The Body Shop had 40% off everything around three weeks ago (I seem to be doing well with the deals lately!). Returning to trustworthy Tea Tree has done my skin justice and I think it's appreciated the soothing, tingling and medicated feeling Tea Tree gives. I've always loved Tea Tree, it's the only thing that's worked when toning down my oily and spotty skin and the herbal like scent always catches my senses. This is certainly no different! It's said to be useful as a base for your makeup and at the moment this is only what I'm using it for. The texture is lovely, really smooth, non sticky and greasy and when applied to the face, leaves a matte finish, minimises those blemishes that are cause for concern and sinks in right away. It works great as a primer and my foundation seems to last a lot longer; I've not tried a whole load of primers so I can't say it's better than others but I certainly have noticed a difference. My foundation used to slide off after an hour or two but this can last me from morning till afternoon and it reduces the size of my pores instantly so I don't have to worry about them reappearing unnecessarily. Not only does it provide a great makeup base, it is extremely beneficial for the skin and helps to dry out spots. The small tube goes a long way and I certainly will make no hesitation to buy at full price!

Now onto the makeup side of things:

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Let's Get Naked | £6.49

I've seen several beauty bloggers rave about this particular shade in the Rimmel Moisture Renew range which pretty much persuaded me to buy it. I do have a couple of Moisture Renew lipsticks and I am a fan of both the packaging and the glossy, rich formula they provide. I had around £7 of Boots points and decided I would treat myself to a new lippy with my points. I've been wanting a neutral/nude shade with that pink undertone that I often go for and this meets my lipstick desires entirely. It is such a beautiful colour and when applied it does leave my lips feeling moisturized and creamy. The only problem I've found is when my lips are a little dry, it doesn't sit on the lips as smoothly but with a lip exfoliant used daily, it clings to the lips more sufficiently. With Spring approaching, this will more than likely be the shade I reach for as it's lovely and natural but also bright enough to match the radiant atmosphere that approaches once it hits April. 

Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil in Brownie Points | £10.00

This is another product I've seen plenty of hype around. I got this a few weeks back now and have used it daily ever since. Since making the mistake of plucking my eyebrows till there was virtuously nothing there when I was about 14, I've had trouble growing and shaping them and there's the odd hairless patch here and there (which is an absolute nightmare may I add). I would definitely say my eyebrows have improved (and still continue to improve) since being that naive, clueless teenager and with the help of eyebrow products, they've become broader and more defined. Before buying this, I used to use any brown eyebrow pencil and didn't really think about the colour matching my skin tone, my hair colour and my eyebrow colour. It's not until recently that I've decided I want to take a step up and attempt to achieve that 'perfect' eyebrow look that everyone seems to thrive over these days. This product is absolutely brilliant! With the choice of a felt pencil and a tint at each end, the tint used to fill in the spaces and then the pencil used to finish off and top up your finalised effect, it makes it easier to achieve and it's more or less impossible to mess up the eyebrow, especially where it arches. I've not had any issue whatsoever with the application and find it's smooth, equalised and simple. With this, it makes my eyebrows look more natural and allows you to finely fill them in and the colour matches my makeup free eyebrow almost identically. The lasting power is amazing and it stays put all day, not smudging even an inch. Compared to the higher priced eyebrow products that are most likely good but not as good as this, I think this is an absolute bargain for the quality and I won't be swapping any time soon. You can find the double ended brow system at Boots within the Soap and Glory makeup range. 

Rimmel Stay Blushed! Liquid Cheek Tint in Pop Of Pink | £4.49

I actually bought this a while back on a trip to Superdrug but realised I'd never featured a review of it on my blog. There was a choice between two shades (which is the only downfall of having it here in the UK) and as I like the rosy pink, been out in the cold natural look, I went for the colour 'Pop Of Pink'. This is my first cream (ish) blush and I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed. The great thing about this is it can be used underneath your powder and as a top up above your full face of makeup as the day progresses (which is what I usually do). I'd say the best way to use this is with a brush, however you can still get the result just by using your fingers as it's highly buildable. I love how pigmented this cheek tint is, it's a tiny tube, but you only need a tiny amount to apply to the cheeks to receive that lovely long lasting, natural flush of colour without the heavy feeling on your face. It has an ultra lightweight texture that is pleasant when applying to skin and blends easily without leaving patches or stains. I've heard mixed reviews but personally, I really like it; the pink isn't too bright yet you can really see the healthy, fresh tint it gives your cheeks.

Superdrug Sparkling Eye Drops | £2.49

This is a bit of a random one. These eye drops have been my holy grail drops for years! I totally hold my hands up to being a complete insomniac, I barely get my 8 hours sleep everyday, I suffer with puffy eyes and troublesome eye bags which can often be a barrier to feeling decent enough to leave the house. I also admit to being a tad obsessed with eyes (on the opposite sex most definitely) I believe they're the thing people see on you straight away, you can dress them up or down and if you take care of your eyes, the nourishment will be longer lasting as you get older. I do my best to maintain my eye care but as they can feel a little worn and tired from time to time, I include a drop of these in each eye before I start to apply my makeup and within a couple of minutes, I see a brighter eye with that sparkle these drops promise. They allow my eyes to feel and look less sore, heavy, red and tired and it lasts all day, resulting in my eyes feeling alive as I go about my day to day activities. Superdrug do many different drops including ones which will help your eyes compared to just bringing out the colour and shine. I'd definitely recommend to anyone who wants that boost when they're feeling a little dull!

So that's that! Have you tried any of these products before? I hope you're all having a nice week. I apologize for the lack of posts the past few days, I haven't had much spare time and I had a bit of a bloggers block but I'm pleased to finally get a detailed post up and running. There's only 5 days left to enter my giveaway in honour of reaching 100 followers, so if you're feeling lucky, it's time to hurry with your entries! 


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Black and white in the daylight

Dress - OASAP | Blazer - H&M | Bag - Primark | Shoes - New Look

I look a little moody faced here, don't I? Maybe it's my attempt at the 'seductive blog pose' or maybe it's because I was inwardly hiding how cold I was or maybe it's because my photos are still not turning out how I want them to be, argh! However, I won't let that get in the way of my mixed emotions towards this outfit, as this is the outfit I'm planning on wearing for the 21st March when I'll be heading off to meet The Wanted, watch their sound check and then sit front row at their concert (the mixed emotions being quite clear as this will more than likely be the last time I get to enjoy those kind of special moments). I thought I'd share what I'll be wearing a few weeks in advance because no doubt with my over forgetful mind and my unattainable planning, I know I'll never get round to it. Oh, and the fact I was told it was going to be a really warm day so prepared a day of photo taking and it ended up being the coldest it's been in a long while! *Mental note: do not trust the British weather, or the words of people making assumptions of the unpredictable British weather*

I've been wanting a classy, white blazer for a while now and was delighted when I found this one in the H&M sale a few weeks back. The gingham/check print trend has had me completely swooning for months now and I was so pleased when I managed to grab this beauty before they sold out. The international online shopping websites I've managed to discover through blogging is a definite highlight as they're not only reasonably priced, the clothes are such lovely quality and are designed with great style in mind. I can't wait to get full use of the dress now!

Hope you've all had/are having a lovely day! There's only 10 days left to enter my giveaway, I'm looking forward to drawing the winner as I always feel I want to give something back to you all as you're the reason my blog is progressing and the reason I can continue to write about the things I'm passionate for. It will be nice to send out a little thank you parcel to the lucky winner :) 


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Boohoo's got me oo'ing


Boohoo has always been one of my favourite online retailers. I discovered them about 3 years ago and ever since, I've checked their beautiful stock more or less every week to view the collection of clothes and accessories I'm bound to fall in love with. This weeks browse wasn't any different; in fact, I found myself wanting pretty much everything listed. If money was no problem, I'd have hundreds of pounds worth of pure delight in my shopping basket. However, as this isn't merely possible (this time it's a thumbs down kind of boohoo), I thought I'd share with you just 10 of my favourite picks. With Spring nearing and the sun shining; the lovely, bright, pastel colours are the top of my list right now. Injecting some colour into my wardrobe is something I definitely need to work on. I love gathering treasured items and eventually buying them as each season approaches as it's great to match the details and the prints with the appropriate weather and mood. Somehow, you can get a feel of what plans you have and how you'll prepare and wear an outfit for the event just by lusting over the latest styles. The Organza Layered Dress would be perfect for my holiday, especially with the super pretty Scallop Lace Edge Heels. Roll on Summer is all I can say!

Do you have any favourite picks at the moment?

Also, don't forget you can still have 12 days to enter my giveaway here. I can't believe I've now reached 200 followers! This is only my 60th post, and I have 76 GFC followers, 203 bloglovin' followers and nearly 16,000 views! I'm so thankful and grateful for everybody who continues to read and support my blog. It really means a lot to me and hopefully I'll continue to keep you all intrigued as time goes on. Oh, and Happy Pancake Day! Don't be overfilling yourself (who am I kidding, of course you will, pigging out is always acceptable on Shrove Tuesday!)


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Review: La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+]*

It's the product that's had the blogosphere going wild and everyone and their cat has probably had dozens of mixed words to say about it but recently, I was privileged enough to be sent the masterpiece that is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+] by Escentual and was kindly given the opportunity to review it on my blog. The regular La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo has been a complete skin saviour for me. My skin has transformed so rapidly since using it for the first time when I received it as a Christmas gift so when I was given the chance to try out the newly improved product I couldn't resist and I knew before I even applied it to my skin that I would love it and rely on it to make my skin gleaming.

My first impressions were well and truly correct. The packaging is identical to the ordinary La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo and the colour and the consistency is pretty much the same (although I would say this is a little more clearer once tested on the skin; as the picture shows). The only difference being; this one has been updated to not only help your troublesome skin but is specifically formulated to target the key signs of oily, blemish prone skin and intends on correcting the appearance of blemishes and unclogging your pores. Within the first couple of uses, you start to see nothing but positive results. As you most probably know by now (I think I do complain about my troublesome skin way too much!) I have suffered with spots, blemishes and oily skin since I was a teen. Over the years, this has resulted in scarring, unwanted imperfections and clogged pores due to sebum from the excess oil and the lack of proper cleansing. That was a real problem for me, until I discovered this genius brand. Often enough I have my breakouts, depending on my lifestyle choices and 'that' time of the month (you know the issue here girls!) but they never last as long as they used to do. This has fixed that good and proper! 

I must honestly say this is another miracle worker. It lives up to the intentions and does exactly what it says on the tin. I use a tiny amount at the end of my skincare routine on a morning and a night and use it in place of moisturiser as I don't want my skin to be too overloaded leading on to more oil and this does still act like a moisturiser, leaving your skin feeling soft, fresh and fully clean. I find that a little goes a long way, I have only just finished my first and I got that in December (fantastic timing to be sent another, it's like the lovely people at Escentual knew I had run out). You have to be careful not to apply too much as you don't need to, to feel the benefits. The main pro for the Effaclar Duo is its specialty in preventing those large spots from appearing; this eliminates them before they can rise up into the skin. The Effaclar Duo [+] is not only amazing for controlling spots and shine, the added bonuses in comparison to the other is trustworthy as I have noticed a real reduction in visible redness, especially if I apply a tiny bit more onto the problematic areas. The long term marks and scarring are nowhere near as aggressive or noticeable than they were a few months ago and I truly believe it is all down to this helpful product. 

Moving on to how it feels on the skin. The La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+] is so lightweight on the face and that's what I love about it, it feels like you're not wearing anything whilst it is in fact taking action. It is non sticky, has a delicate and pleasant scent and sinks in easily without you needing to put much effort into application. It is rather brilliant how quickly and effectively this gets to work, you don't have to wait a long while to see an everlasting outcome like most products. It has solved my worries and paranoia of having bad skin and I can look in the mirror without makeup plastered over my face and feel confident with my skin. I can't thank the developers enough!

Bioderma Skincare Sample Set*

I know this was supposed to be a review on the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+] but I just had to show you all the adorable, teeny Bioderma samples that were included in my package. I only expected the one product but when I opened the box to find a big bag full of samples I was so pleased and appreciative. These are going to come in so handy for all occasions; I've always wanted to try out Bioderma products so I can join in with the buzz and having samples is much better than buying the full sized product instead and then realizing it doesn't actually work for you! I haven't got round to trying them yet but once I do start using these samples, I will most probably do a review on what I'm loving and what justice they do for the skin if that's what my lovely readers would like to see!

Let me know if that is a post you'd like to read and feel free to inform me of your thoughts on the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+] if you've had the chance to try it out. Oh, and happy March! February seemed to whiz by in a whirl, wow. I can't believe how fast it went but I guess every month is a new month and I have a few plans I'm really looking forward to this month!
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