Sunday, 25 May 2014

Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

Receiving this moisturiser as a free gift when I purchased my usual necessities from The Body Shop was a pleasant surprise. I wasn't sure what to make of it with the reviews; some customers had said it wasn't any good for sensitive/oily skin because it made their face break out in spots, bumps and rashes (and nobody ever wants that, do they?). Admittedly, this put me off a little but as I'm always open to trying new products (and my skin was in a need of a hydrating boost), I decided to give this a go. 

Since first testing this out, I've been using it non stop. It makes the perfect base for my face before I put on my primer and foundation. My first positive impression was the quick drying formula; it leaves no greasy residue behind and settles into the skin so efficiently, resulting in a super soft feeling. My first negative impression was the packaging, although it is a pretty pink colour, I'm never a lover of dipping my finger into a tub as I'm a tad particular when it comes down to easily spreading the bacteria off your hands (that's the OCD side of me). However, that can be overruled with only the small amount you have to use to get the full effects. A little definitely goes a long way! The scent is lovely, it reminds me of baby lotion; not too sweet and overpowering and the nourishment it gives when applied is very pleasant; it gives off a fresh, clean feeling.

The main areas I apply this to are the cheeks and chin, I tend to avoid putting too much of the cream around the more oily parts of my face (mainly the t zone) where the oil tends to be more visible throughout the day. Doing that has given me the all day moisture and elasticity that I desire but I don't think it would make any difference if I did just apply it all evenly around my face with the rapid absorption it has. My main worry was that it would encourage my regular break outs but I was pleased with how non-heavy it is on the face, it is incredibly light and allows my face to breathe. I haven't had anymore spots than I usually have with this product, and in fact I do think my skin does have more of a healthy glow without adding that extra shine. Luckily, I haven't had any issues with the reacting side of what people had found with this. I've had no problems with it and it's actually urged me to try out some more of The Vitamin E range. If it's taught me one thing, it's to always try things for yourself in the beauty department as what someone says, may not be the same for you. Thank you The Body Shop for introducing me to this little gem!

Have you tried this, or anything similar? Hope you all enjoy yet another bank holiday Monday! (I swear I must have said this in every post of mine lately. Hopefully I'll be posting more frequently once I get my routine back in full swing!)

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Summer in florals

Co-ord - thehomemadecloset (Instagram) | Hat - Primark | Shoes - Topshop via eBay

Summer has finally arrived! Well for now anyway. Even the slightest bit of the sun in the UK brings out the gleeful spirit within us so when it actually reaches above 20 degrees, that's a big deal for us (especially for me being down in Yorkshire!). I love the whole feel of summer; the strong smell of barbecues and fresh grass, the flowers blooming, the sound of music blaring out from the local pubs and the ability to grab your summer bits from your wardrobe and style them without having to worry about freezing to death. 

I wouldn't say I'm confident in how I look, especially when you can no longer hide your legs away in tights, so when I wore this co-ord out in public, I was reaching out of my comfort zone. I think it worked though? This beautiful, effortless co-ord handmade by thehomemadecloset is perfect to wear in the warm sunshine as it's not only nicely spacious and light, it's made so delicately that you don't have to add much detail for it to look effective. My new Primark gem and my trusty brown t-bar shoes were enough to complete the outfit and allow me to be completely comfortable at the same time. Now all there is to do is to cross my fingers and hope the sun stays for as long as possible!

Hope you've all been enjoying your weekend! Do you have a favourite spring/summer outfit yet?


Friday, 16 May 2014

Vote for me: Pastel patterned nails

You may remember a few months back, I entered an eye makeup competition that the lovely Roch and Tash kindly asked me to take part in. I didn't win but I enjoyed creating and getting my entry together so when the ladies popped up in my DM's on Twitter for the second time asking if I'd like to partake in their brand new 'favourites' competition, I didn't hesitate and whipped out the equipment and the camera. The competition involves a mixture of favourite hairstyles, make up looks and nail designs. As I'm still a novice in the beauty department, I decided to stick with the easiest option and show off my current favourite nail design using the basic pastel colours from Barry M, combined with some spots and one statement bow to finish off the look. My ideas for nail designs are usually spurted from Google images and my own thoughts ticking away on what would match the best. I'm not exactly an expert but I thought I'd do a step by step tutorial on how you can achieve this simplistic but pretty design in just a short amount of time.

What you'll need:
1 | Nail tools (a file, buffer, cuticle pusher/nipper etc).
| A base coat/top coat: I used Collection 2 in 1 Top Coat Gloss Enhancer.
| Two colours of your choice: I decided on Barry M in Rosehip and Huckleberry as they pair really nicely together.
| A third colour for the small detail: I used my Barry M Silk as the purple contrasted well with the two block colours.
5 | A dotting tool/nail art pen: I went for the DIY version and used the end of a bobby pin and dipped it into my nail polish.

Step one | Prep the nails: This is what I usually do before I paint my nails just to ensure they're clean and maintained. I soak my hands in warm water for a minute or so to get rid of the oils and then file and shape, followed by cuticle pushing and buffing to raise the shine. I then add a base coat and let that dry for 5 minutes.

Step two | Paint all nails in your chosen base colour. Make sure the colour is opaque as you need it light enough to be able to see the detail/pattern at the final stage.

Step three | Use a pen, a striper or the tip of your brush (which I did) to mark 1/2 way across your base colour with your second chosen colour. It doesn't have to be precise as you can neaten that up once you carry on painting.

Step four | Glide your brush across the remaining space where your second colour should be. To make sure it is smooth, it is best to add a couple of thin coats instead of one large thick coat. Once again, this doesn't need to be absolutely perfect as the spots will be covering the middle, just as long as the two colours meet parallel.

Step five | Take your chosen dotting tool and dip it in your nail varnish. I used an ordinary bobby pin and poured a small amount of nail varnish onto paper ready to plunge.

Step six | Carefully dab the end of the dotting tool into the middle of your nail and do this for each finger. Mentally make note of where you want to place the row of spots to make sure they're all level.

Step seven | Once this is dry, you can start to add your bow. Use the tip of your brush or a thinner cut brush to draw a small triangle about a 1/4 across the nail. Make sure you leave enough room to complete the bow.

Step eight | Do the same as above for the other side of the triangle to form a bow. It should end up mid nail with a couple of spots still showing in line. Once that is dry and you apply a top coat (and tidy up your nails if you're like me and have the unsteadiest hands possible), you're done and ready to see the end result!

Whatever colour you choose (as long as the colours are similar tones) and whether you leave them blank without a bow and just the spots, or even try out different patterns as an alternate, this is an uncomplicated nail design that looks as though it's taken much more effort and time than it actually has. It's a sheer design that would work well in all seasons, particular summer when you can match your nails to your clothes and accessories.

I hope you managed to follow my mini tutorial and feel free to let me know if you've tried the design yourselves! I would be extremely appreciative if you took the time out to vote for me here, I'm number 12 and there's only a few days left to vote. All you need to do is leave a comment with my name 'Bridie Kirsopp', or the number 12 and voila that's it. Thank you so much in advance if you do!

P.S. I treated myself to some new lenses for my Nikon (thank you Argos for your buy now, pay later scheme!) and I've been out in the sunshine today with the family trying them out. I'm absolutely loving the 35mm lens and I can't wait to play around with the blog side of things and insert much higher quality pictures into my posts.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

My new ASOS beauties

Following on with my latest shoe craze, I wanted to show you all my spanking brand new shoes, (and beautiful shoes at that). ASOS have done it again, they've won me over with their simple but dreamy pale pink pastel block heels which will be perfect for my summer trips. They've not been worn yet, only tested, but I can already tell they're going to be my favourites for a good few months. They're comfortable, super versatile and are just the right size heel for me to walk in (yay!). I originally saw them before the 25% discount and swiftly posted a cry for help on Twitter asking whether falling in love with a pair of shoes was acceptably normal (I swear it isn't). It seemed many of you have had the same problem and when the opportunity to purchase these cheaper than usual came around, I knew I had to take it. After all, I'd only have them on my mind 24/7 and regret not buying them when they go out of stock so it's pretty much a must, right? It'd be naughty of me to say no.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, lovelies!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Wishlist: Shoes I'm swooning over


I'd be telling porkies if I said I haven't got a concerning fetish for shoes, my love for them has grown stronger since I started blogging and I've found myself delving into styles I never thought I'd be into; especially my recent obsession which are chunky soled shoes. I love the variety of them and the mixture of basic, pastel and more holographic colours. My love for pretty, petite heels hasn't been forgotten either. In fact, they are the shoes I rely on when I'm going out or have an event to attend because quite frankly I cannot step out of the door in any heel above 4" without stumbling to the point I can't walk in a straight line (and being a non-drinker kind of person, I can't even blame alcohol!) nope, it's just me being absolutely useless when it comes to any kind of stilletto. With this in mind, I went for the safer option when purchasing shoes for my holiday and added the smaller but still as effective type shoe to my wishlist. The lovely, summery colours will for sure brighten up my statement outfits for the evenings spent eating too much food and soaking in the heat, and hopefully as the days go on that heat will produce a golden tan that will be the greatest pairing for my shoe collection!


Sunday, 4 May 2014

She's always buzzing just like neon

Coat - Zara | Top - Boohoo | Disco Pants - Boohoo (old) | Shoes - Primark | Bag - Sammy Dress

The pink coat made its appearance again yesterday when I ventured into the garden to take some outfit photos. The weather seems to be doing this thing lately where it's fairly warm in the afternoon and then turns bitterly cold around evening when coincidentally is the only time I can spare a moment. I wasn't entirely happy with these photos as they seemed to have turned out crappy quality again but they do the trick I suppose. This lovely neon, floral roll neck top is a favourite of mine at the moment, it's my first time wearing a roll neck and I was a bit apprehensive as I don't like the feeling as though I'm choking but this is pleasantly comfortable. As it's a bold piece I didn't really have a clue what to pair it with and when rummaging around my wardrobe I pulled out the leggings/pants I always seem to reach for. These disco pants are old and are actually a size too big (and they aren't too complimenting on the good old thighs as the second picture shows, ugh!) but they are the most snug pair of pants I've ever owned and they're plain, black and high waisted so seem to go with everything. I think I need to venture more into the trouser department as we step into another season otherwise I'll wear these out faster than you can say 'you need a new pair'!

Hope you're all having a lovely bank holiday! I can't believe we're in May already AND we have another Monday off. I've been feeling a little unmotivated with my blog lately and I can't seem to pinpoint why. I think it's a mixture of time consumption and my personal feelings and dedication but I'm going to do my best to try carry on with the flow of things. I obviously love talking about my fashion and beauty passions but I think it just takes time to build that stability, if you know what I mean.

Lots of love,

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