Saturday, 30 July 2016

Holiday Lookbook: The Daytime Dress Down

The second (and last) instalment of my holiday lookbook is toned down just a smidgen from last year - not only to save room in my suitcase and stop cluttering the apartment with clothes I probably won't even get the chance to wear but to prevent my poor brother going into further meltdown as I drag him around Spain with a camera and my formal orders. Day to day wear is a favourite in my book, there's a sense of careless casual and cool chic thrown into my outfit delivery as I either spend time around the pool in bikinis and cover ups, or stroll off for breakfast in a lightweight get-up of shorts skimpy tops. The heat is obviously insanely intense throughout the day, especially at peak time of 12-3pm so it's hard to find comfortable balance - as you'll see in a moment, I usually end up immersing myself with too many pairs of sunglasses, sandals, and sometimes even bare feet.

Day one: my airport attire was uncomplicated as can be this year as I managed to grab this denim jumpsuit in the New Look sale. As soon as I slipped into the broadened material and it fit like a glove I knew that would be the all in one piece I'd be travelling in. Its versatility fits in with the country swap; the cut out sides allowing me to breathe once I arrive in doubled temperatures! A pair of slip on mules I can easily release my feet from on the crammed plane and a baker boy cap I can hide my sweaty excursion hair in is just an added bonus.


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Holiday Lookbook: The Nighttime Glam

Welcome to my first instalment of my holiday lookbook! After another tough week battling through a heavy schedule and an unfortunate deterioration in pain levels, I finally managed to sort through the most important chapter of my holiday - and that would be my outfits.  If you were interacting over on my instagram whilst I was away you'll have more than likely seen a sneak peek of most of my outfits but I also like to showcase them over on my blogging platform for you all to see! For me, planning, preparing, then eventually wearing your new clobber is one of the most exciting parts about heading off on vacay - albeit there's some unavoidable creases and accidental shampoo spillages on the way there, and there's the issue of humidity attempting to creep in and replace stylish with sweaty mess once worn but I still love the refreshing feeling and the confidence gained when you dash out for an evening of food, cocktails and a gearing up for the guaranteed "why is she so dressed up in a quiet rural part of Spain" stares. 

If you've been following my blog for a couple of years (oh you loyal things, you) you'll know photographing my daily and nightly outfits is a cliche move for me and this year was no different. I've stuck to my morals, experimented with garments I'd be happy to take on in an unfamiliar environment, developed an unwavering love for bright shades of colour and mixed up my holiday wardrobe so there's no specific direction. From pretty dresses to relaxed jumpsuits and all out risque, I tried it all...

Day one: imagine my mood when the entire first day was cloudy and dull, keep that picture in mind and then analyse my outfit choice. Yep, that's right, I went for all black in this on trend cut out shoulder frill playsuit, layered choker necklace and tie up sandals.


Saturday, 23 July 2016

Summer Beauty Saviours

Did you survive the heatwave? Yes? Good. It's hard work dealing with temperatures past a certain point isn't it - especially when that point is sitting out in the garden at 10pm because the brisk of air is cooler than your front room with all the windows open and a house representing Bug's Life. When it's hot in Britain, it's hard to handle so imagine how parched your skin gets in its daily exposure to sun (okay, what I really mean is when you're on holiday or enjoying the three days of warm weather at home). 

Monday, 18 July 2016

Personal: things that made me happy in June

Hey hey, I'm back - well technically I flew home late at night a week today but haven't been able to get my blogging butt back into gear until a fresh Monday emerged. Partly because last week was a hectic but momentously brilliant week and the other half because I seem to always be lumbered with this post holiday dispirit where all I want to do is try my best to adjust to the below average temperature, sleep and eagerly observe my tanned skin to silently pray it stays put in this so called British weather (although with this supposed heatwave bracing, it seems I did in fact bring the sunshine home). I enjoyed my well needed break (probably too much if I'm honest) but am feeling all kinds of motivated to get back on track. With plenty of posts to plan for my upcoming blog schedule, some of which features around my most cherished time in the luxurious sunshine and some of which were photographed beforehand - what better time was there to mark down my monthly happiness? Especially when there's so much sadness in the world as of lately. These posts almost always start with my shock of how the year seems to be flying by but this time round I feel like I've been gone an entire full year when in reality it's only three weeks. As most of June was spent vacay prepping it didn't leave me much head space to extensively think about the highlights but as they say, it's always best to act on impulse... 

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