Sunday, 26 June 2016

Taking A Break

Hello my lovely blog readers! Just passing by to leave a little message as I try and mute myself from breaking out into song about going on summer holidays whilst scampering around like a mad woman gathering together my last bits and bobs and resisting the urge to just fall back asleep after staying up way later than I should have done last night (ahem, Adele's spectacular performance at Glastonbury, it's your fault). Today's the day I fly off to my place of bliss (or Spain for those who are unfamiliar with the boasting of my favourite acquainted location) and I'm signing off from the blog for two weeks. I know there's so many bloggers out there who are on board with the scheduling of posts whilst they're away but I'm in the minority who actually likes to just shut off the world and forget about any blog-related promotion and preparation whilst I enjoy my time away stress and burden-free. I'll be a ghostly representation of a tumbleweed as I go M.I.A on my site but it doesn't mean I'll be completely absent from social media. I'll be updating Instagram and Twitter with my regular holiday outings, adventures and of course, my signature outfit displays.

For now, though, don't forget whilst I'm gone my giveaway is still open and if you like, you can have a catch up on all my latest posts this month (I'm sorry I never got the chance to reply to comments before I headed off, I've had a crazy busy schedule but I promise I always read, appreciate and smile until I'm flushed in the cheeks at every single one).

Adios, and see you when I resentfully fly back on home ground!

Bridie x


Saturday, 25 June 2016

How To Pack and Prepare Your Summer Holiday Outfits

The build up to a holiday abroad is, in my eyes, one of the best parts. The thought of taking a trip out of reality to a placid place with only unwinding relaxation, scorching sunshine, photo opportunities and the exploration of exciting locations on your to-do list is enough to boost your spirits no matter what's going on around you but of course, with a holiday comes organisation and with organisation comes a bedroom resembling a warehouse, clothes piled up in a measly sized suitcase with a cram and hope it doesn't exceed the luggage limit mantra and a last minute panic on if you've managed to gather enough unique, appropriate, contemporary fashion to fill your insta content for the fortnight.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Instant Effects: The Lip, Eyes and Lash Review

In this day and age, the beauty industry is widening to the extremes. Gone is the acceptance of our not so perfectly rounded features and a three pound lip-gloss from a magazine doing the trick in your daily makeup routine, and hello are the following of trends, constantly wanting to evolve and enhance our natural elements with expensive cosmetics and sometimes, even surgical procedures. That's not necessarily a bad thing, I say go ahead and make yourself feel amazing if you have the funds and really do want to make a change to small part of you that will expand your confidence positively. I, personally, however, would be an absolute wuss and I'd chicken out purely at thought of it going horribly wrong and ending up resembling Pete Burns meets Chewbacca. This is where Instant Effects comes into the equation. When I received an email informing me of the range of products that deliver targeted treatments without the need for any extensive add ons, I jumped at the chance. I was kindly sent the trio but in no way was I obliged to promote - I've just loved using them so much that I had to share my views on this breakthrough phenomenon!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Summer Holiday Primark Haul June 2016

Yes, it's that time again. My most cherished time of the year. Time for me to gather my collective Primark pieces into one giant seasonal haul and A) work out how to photograph my purchases without awkwardly holding them up to a camera, B) more than likely encourage the entire population to go hunt down the splurging attire and C) feel the mighty force of guilt as I register for the umpteenth time just how spendy I inescapably got.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

20 Simple Ways To Be Kinder

The devastating events happening right now, this moment, whether reported or hidden, is enough to bring the happiest of people down. The breaking news of hatred, violence, prejudice and dehumanising can often get emotionally draining. I know I've gotten to the point where I fear the right to freedom and am constantly reminded of the badness, the senseless acts of tragedy instead of the beauty in the world. It'd be easy for me to focus on the shocking events, to express my deep anger and upset; in fact I was all set on preparing one of my lengthened, ranty Sunday Natter posts (I'm a day late again, give me a telling off for being so useless) but I decided against it last minute. Instead, I thought of turning the tables - taking something bad and making it into a little challenge we can set ourselves to contribute towards adding acceptance, embracing positivity and spreading love across the globe!


Tuesday, 14 June 2016

23 Things I've Learned in 23 Years

Guess who's 23 today? Yep, you guessed it - it's me, the in denial adult who still wishes she was a careless child coming home to watch Tracy Beaker and eat turkey dinosaurs but has to accept that with every passing year comes more burdened responsibilities and a sheer disappointment that growing up really isn't all that. Aaaaand breathe. There's no denying birthday's just aren't as fun anymore; okay so today's plans include eating until I pop and spending time with the ones who gave me life but reality caves in once it's over and unfortunately I can't spend the rest of the night playing with my Barbie gifts. Saying that; as you develop, you become more familiarised with who you are and the purpose of the world. It's a funny old place, a terrible, illiberal place at times, but it's also wonderful and enlightening and you're never, ever done learning and gaining wisdom. So, in summarised celebration of my birthday, here's my cliche '23 things I've learned in 23 years' post.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Personal: things that made me happy in May

Another month gone by, another jitter within my uneasy system reacting to how frighteningly fast this year is speeding by (I'm 23 this month and I'm still not adapting to this accumulative adult life) and hey, would you look at that - a proper I-can-see-blue-sky-amongst-the-cloud summer appears to be finally on its way. June is always guaranteed to be a great month purely because it's my birthday month, and usually because a holiday abroad is just around the corner. This year it's substantially both and the majority of my time schedule starting from now up until the 26th will include panic planning, bikini body dreaming and avoiding as much cake as possible which means there's new upheaval among me but there's also a chance for me to stew on the previous month of May and that I shall do...
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