Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween - Halloween Nail Art

First of all, Happy Halloween! I hope whatever you get up to tonight/at the weekend or what you did last weekend was/is great fun. I'm your typical bore and aren't doing anything except dragging myself to the door with the chocolate and lollies, greeting the excitable children and wishing I was that age again (although we don't usually get that many trick or treaters, so we end up eating the goodies to ourselves instead...). I carved a pumpkin yesterday and was pretty proud of the outcome to say I don't have the steadiest of hands. Compared to last year, it's a definite improvement and I managed to carve it properly this time despite handling the mushy insides which I hate. I do love the eerie feeling of Halloween night, I think it's cosy and anything with a candle/tealight really gives out the relaxing vibe of winter. 

Back on to the subject of wanting to reverse back to your carefree childhood, I had a whale of a time editing this photo of my pumpkin masterpiece on PicMonkey just like I used to do on paint (with PicMonkey being an upgraded, superior version of paint). It's one of my favourite photo editing websites and it improves even further at this time of the year with the funky effects. It just added that extra spooky tweak to start this post off with...

Lately, I've been really into nail art and tackling with my lack of patience, I've managed to spend the past few weeks without proper access to the internet wisely, practicing different techniques, designs and even learning how to make home made nail tools. Once again with my left hand being unsteady and without full grip, it can be tricky at times and it does take a long time but I persevere to the end and the result leaves me feeling pleased. As a beginner, I always get ideas from Google images and then make them my own. With this, I've gone with the typical Halloween characters - the pumpkin, the vampire, the blood that comes with that, the ghost and the spider. I used a home made dotting tool and a home made striper to create this look which I will most likely include in any future nail art posts I decide to do. 

The range of colours I chose seemed to not only go well together but fit the theme of all things sinister. I had a little chuckle to myself whilst showing them off to people as I thought each nail had an individual attribute to it. It's amazing what you can construct with just a brush and nail paint and I do really enjoy experimenting with contrasting nail varnishes and formations. 

Feel free to let me know what you think of this design and as it's my first post of this kind, tell me if you'd like to see more of what my mind chooses to randomly devise at the time of having the motivation to paint my nails! I'd also love to see if any of you enjoy designing nail art as a hobby and if so, what kind of ideas have you come up with in the past?

Lots of love...


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Viva Gazinskaya at Avenue 32

Designer clothes, the norm for celebrities and the breaking of the bank for the regular fashionistas of today. I'm no expert on designers but I'm certainly a lover of browsing around designer websites to check out and aspire the latest style inspiration and when I find them, they're just too irresistible for me to ignore. Avenue 32 is a website I've just recently discovered and it fits the whole criteria for me, it is packed with independent designers both new and established which emerge to show off their own original, elegant way of adding a huge tint of class to your luxury wardrobe.

I'm sure you'll agree with me here when I say this Autumn/Winter the trends are incredible. From checked, to embroidered, to leather, to pastels. It is varied in structure but they all share the same approach. As soon as I came across Viva Gazinskaya and their Autumn/Winter 2013 collection I was struck with adoration. The detail of the clothing is stunning and can only be described as classic feminine garments with that extra twist which would be picture perfect once worn. Viva is a Russian designer who has worked her way up in the industry with the development of fashion blogs. She is best known for her couture like take on ready-to-wear items that are mesmerizing, putting many people under its spell. I couldn't agree more with this statement. Putting the price tags aside, I was sucked into a world of fairy tale, dream like clothing just by valuing the extravagant characteristics. Her personal style became a street phenomenon as her career began and there's no doubt in my mind why this happened. Shutting off from the reality of what I can afford, I pictured myself with an extremely successful lifestyle on a day to day basis looking uber chic as I paced gracefully through the busy streets of London on a Monday morning smiling politely at the citizens who compliment me on my amazing street style taken to another level (everyone has those moments of pretend, right?)

Cream Silk Bows Blouse // Grey Wool Necklace Top // Grey Wool Flared Skirt // Monochrome Diamond Print Coat

Moving on from the hefty prices, I don't have to think twice about whether it is worth scraping your bank balance. The high quality and effort is outstanding and I was in utter awe when mentally adding these items to my imaginary list. The above picture shows just a few of my favourite picks from the collection. The Cream Silk Bows Blouse is like nothing I've ever seen before. The 3D effect is enough to baffle and dazzle you at the same time, but it is in fact just a clever play on magnificent graphics. The fluid black lining does exist and the blouse is complete with the most beautiful bow detail on the back. It appears to be such a lovely smooth, floaty material and as shown on the listing, I could totally imagine pairing it with a black leather skirt to add that statement monochrome look to your outfit. The alluring neck line detail on the Grey Wool Necklace Top is the main appeal in this two piece outfit. Both being made from soft wool mean it'd be suitable for the colder months and ensure your comfort. However, both pieces are exceptionally versatile and can either be dressed up or down or even separated apart and paired with other minimal items you own. Personally, I think the Grey Wool Flared Skirt would look sensational with a simple but snazzy top, topped with a blazer and the flared skirt craze means it would then be perfectly acceptable for my wishes to come true and to swish my way through the streets of the capital. Now onto the Monochrome Diamond Coat which fluently spells out W-O-W. It is a definite statement piece and is always bound to turn heads when walking into a room. I am in love with the sophisticated but edgy print and the length of the coat which highlights, pinpoints and finishes off your outfit.

Reviewing this wishlist before I press post, I even realised that these items put together would fabricate a remarkable outfit. Whether that be matching the blouse with the skirt and the coat or the two piece outfit with the coat or even adding your own individual style to pair one or two items with the vibrant coat; that being your main focus. The colours and the overall designs of the clothing are right up my street and despite not being too in your face and over patterned, still catch my eye to a heightened extent. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and taking in the juicy goodness of designer innovation and do let me know if there's any particular designers you're loving at the moment. Now, where's the number to take out a loan...

Lots of love...
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Monday, 21 October 2013

My Boudoir Superstar photoshoot

As you may have seen in my last post, I'm a bit stuck without the main laptop at the moment and we've been busy decorating which means I haven't had the chance to capture any of my outfits lately and/or edit any photos with the proportions being so off on this useless Netbook. On the brighter side of things, that means I can get cracking on making my bedroom into the vintage themed, tiny bit of me I've sought for, for so long now and then when it's done, I'll be able to share it on my second personal space, my blog.
Another thing I thought I might share with you whilst my beauty and fashion posts are ordered to take a break (or in other words, until the laptop gets fixed) is the wonderful photoshoot I had done in April this year. It was at a local place which was a huge house transformed into a boudoir venue. Topped with stunning furniture, decor, its very own makeup and hair room and a bunch of very professional photographers, it really was a world of glam and sophistication. With all the lovely staff's effort and hard work to make me look my best, the end result was this. 
This sort of thing was way out of my comfort zone and when all the girls in the family received the photoshoot as a Christmas present, I was wary of how I'd feel about dressing in such a revealing outfit, with a face full of makeup and posing in an ultra seductive manner but that all changed when I arrived. The team made me feel so comfortable and I looked completely different once I'd had my hair and makeup done, even when I wasn't too sure on the dramatic eyes as I only ever wear mascara and the smallest bit of eyeshadow. Beforehand I had no idea what to expect but being introduced to Andrea (who photographed me), changing into my lingerie and my stockings and then being told I looked fab really put me at ease.
As the photoshoot began, I admired the gorgeous french inspired chairs, beds, dressing tables and accessories I was lucky to be in the room with. There were two rooms which were similar in appearance but were used in different ways. The shoot lasted around 40 minutes and I was so stiff and exhausted by the end of it. I realised just how hard it was to stay put in the positions you're told to be in and I learnt that being a model must be much more advanced than originally thought. I don't think it'd be something I could do for a living and it's not as if I meet the standards anyway haha, but for a one off it was amazing. To be pampered, made to look a million dollars, experience the routine of an A-lister and have everything done for you was truly the perfect day. 
I'd totally recommend anything like this to girls and women of all ages, especially if you struggle with self esteem issues. The day was such a confidence booster and I was left feeling fresh, pretty and smiley for the rest of the day and couldn't wait to see how the pictures turned out. Upon waiting, I was apprehensive because I thought it would be impossible for the camera to show and produce how good I felt (especially as I'm not the most photogenic of people) but when we spent the evening at the house watching a slideshow that was put together especially to view our final group of pictures, I was pleasantly surprised. I looked more natural than I first thought as it was easy to look awkward when you've never done anything like this before. The photos looked really professional and I was even told by another lovely member of staff that a few of them looked like potential vogue photos! (Cue me having to hide my squeals of overjoy and honour). I was incredibly happy with the escapade as a whole and I even have my very own designed album to look back on whenever I feel sluggish. It was worth every penny!
So here's a few of the photos I picked out, some in black and white and some in colour (in our package we received colour, black and white and sepia for each photo). I'd love to know what you think!

Now I'm afraid I'm just going to have to end on a negative because it wouldn't be a post about me if I didn't have an apology to make about the bad points I've picked at the end! You will have to excuse the last photo which is certainly a dash raunchy from my usual photos (but a pair of bum cheeks can't do any harm, surely?) Strangely, my hair also looks super short here but I think it's because I'd had it cut a few days before AND it seems to shrivel up when it's curled with the straighteners which is a pain. Then there's the fact at this point I'd not started dieting and exercising to get my bikini bod for my holiday so you may just have ignore the flabby bits here and there... but apart from that, I can't complain!

Lots of love...

Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Liebster Award

Hello you lovely people, I'm back! Well technically I never left but as you may have noticed (or may not have if your attention spam is anything like mine) I've had to abandon my blog for a week or so. The household has had a crisis *gasp* not only have we been upside down decorating each room and stressing out at the fact it looks like a bomb site, the laptop charger (second one may I add) konked out on us and we've been searching for a contact email for HP customer services about what to do next. I've been dying to blog because it's become a comfort and escape of mine at the moment but instead I've had to ponder into normality facing internet withdrawals (excluding my not so reliable iPhone) and I've felt like a lost puppy without the big screen in front of me. Instead, I've had to eventually give in and result to my tiny netbook which has been tucked away safely in my wardrobe due to it being slower than slow can be so you may have to bear with me here...

The fabulous Jodie from Teacups and Bluebells nominated/tagged me for the Liebster Award. I was so excited when I saw I'd been mentioned which is probably a teeny bit sad but it's nice to feel recognised and satisfying to know your blog is enjoyed by at least one person. Jodie has a superb blog and has gone to much effort creating great questions, you should definitely all check her blog out!

If you're not familiar with the Liebster Award (which I wasn't at first) it is basically a way to discover and connect with new and upcoming blogs. Each person who is nominated has the choice of passing it on, kind of like a chain letter so we can get to know each other. 

The rules are:
1) Link the blogger(s) that nominated you.
2) Answer the 10 questions your nominator has asked.
3) Keep the chain growing by nominating 10 of your favourite bloggers who have less than 200 followers, and tell them.
4) Create 10 interesting questions for your nominees to answer.


1) If you could travel in time, where would you go?
Most definitely to the 1950's or 60's. I often find myself wishing I could have lived in that kind of era. I know times were more difficult back then; technology wasn't as advanced, money was a bigger problem etc but the world wasn't as messed up. Society wasn't as judgmental, there were manners, respect and lady like/gentleman ways. Girls didn't have to be a size zero, to dress half naked or pose with too much flesh revealed to be considered beautiful and real. You mainly had a baby when it was planned and you were in a stable relationship/marriage, not just to join the trend. The people, families and relationships meant more, they didn't have a lot but they appreciated what they did have. The streets, the attitudes, and the people themselves were classier and more dignified. You didn't have to worry about getting stabbed, kidnapped, or even murdered when you enjoyed a day out or your children went to play in the park. The law system, the housing system, the benefit system, the government and the ways and means of life in general were less ridiculous. Not to mention I loved the the fashion back then, the music, the way you'd go out dancing instead of clubbing and ending the night in your own vomit. Some may call me old fashioned but really, I just don't fit in with or agree with the way the world works today. 

2) What makeup item could you not live without?
I would have to say my L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara which I have used for about a year and a half now. I have tried other mascaras but I've always found myself going back to that one because that's the one that works the best for me and gives me the length and definition I desire. I look horrifying without mascara so I doubt I'd be able to function properly aware that my eyes look completely dead haha!

3) If you could only watch one TV show for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Ooh, this is a tough one. To be quite honest, I don't watch that much TV and aren't into these popular shows that most people rave about (especially the rubbish shows like TOWIE, Made in Chelsea and so on...). I love interesting real life documentaries, something you can laugh at, soaps, some reality programmes and some dramas. If I did have to say one I think it would be Don't Tell The Bride, I get so into the ups and downs of planning a wedding and love to see the end result. It makes me all happy inside and gets me thinking of what I'd want my own wedding day to be like. It'd either be that or Awkward, it may be cringy but it's SO good and not to mention, Beau Mirchoff and Nolan Gerard Funk are an absolute dream.

4) What's your favourite clothes shop?
This is such a hard one, anyone who knows me will speak about how addicted I am to shopping and I have so many favourites (on the high street and online) but I think the best has to be Primark or Zara. I love the style of Zara clothing but I love the reasonable prices in Primark and I'm such a bargain grabber!

5) The best holiday you've ever been on?
Without a doubt, Orlando in July this year. It was pretty much a dream come true for me, although I wish I'd had more time to visit all the sights over there. 

6) What would your idea of a perfect day be?
Let's just say it would involve a trip to a lovely city that is picture worthy, peaceful and pretty. I'd have a picnic with my favourite food or have afternoon tea at a vintage tearoom with a cup and saucer and a cupcake. I'd then go further into the big city away from the countryside or the seaside I'd desire to be, have a huge shopping spree, go see a musical, stay in a glam hotel with a spa and then finish the night off with a concert. Ah, busy but blissful paradise.

7) What county have you never been to, but really want to visit?
Italy, France or Amsterdam (even though that's a city). The perception of cute petite cafes, amazing food, entertainment and stunning scenery is one I'd love to experience in my lifetime. I'd also love to travel round other states in America.

8) Favourite band/artist?
My music taste is SO varied, I can't even begin to describe what my taste is as it ranges from classics, to pop, to indie, to soul but I have to say The Wanted who are and always will be my favourite group. Those boys are special to me in so many ways.

9) If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be and why?
This is such a difficult question to answer because on one hand I'd say a celebrity to experience the lifestyle, see how they handle fame, what they get up to and what they think but on the other, I'd choose someone who isn't too well known but is still popular throughout other sources. Perhaps a blogger with a big following to see if it's as honouring as I think it'd be or maybe even a fortune teller/psychic so I could see into my own future. 

10) What 3 words best describe you?
I'm guessing this isn't supposed to be a question that allows you to name all the negative things you dislike about yourself. I feel a bit awkward bigging myself up but I shall say opinionated, creative and helpful. 

My nominations:
1) Millie at Smudges of Thoughts
2) Imogen at Eloquence and Flair
3) Emily at Emily Likes Makeup
4) Jenny at Cardigans and Nails
6) Emily at Emilina Love
7) Hannah at Eve Wanted a Wardrobe
9) Olivia at Style Spotter
10) Bella at Fashion Cult

My questions:
1) What 3 things in life bring you the most happiness?
2) What is your most proudest moment?
3) If someone were to make a movie about yourself, which actor/actress would be most suitable to play your character?
4) What's something most people don't know about you?
5) What are your greatest talents?
6) What are your biggest passions in life?
7) If you knew the world was going to end in 24 hours, what would you do with the time and would you have any regrets?
8) If you could learn another language, what would it be?
9) What is your ultimate favourite piece of clothing?
10) Are you in a place/the person you are now that you thought you'd be 5 years ago?

I really enjoyed doing this even it did take me longer than it usually would on faster software! I hope the bloggers I've nominated enjoy doing this too and I shall look forward to seeing everyone else's answers!

Lots of love...


Thursday, 10 October 2013

I was made to keep your body warm

DRESS - Missguided // CARDIGAN - New Look // BOOTS - eBay // NECKLACE - Forever 21 // RING - Vintage // BRACELETS - Primark

This is what I wore to the second vintage fair at the weekend I spoke about in this post but I've only just got round to photographing it (I only ended up buying a £5 shirt so I shall just include that in a future outfit post instead of wasting a post on one item). Now the weather has taken a turn for the worst and has become bitterly cold, this fluffy cardigan is perfect for preventing me from developing hypothermia. Okay, I exaggerated but it is ridiculously snugly and I feel like a polar bear when I wear it. I ordered the shift dress from Missguided a while ago now and when it arrived it was much nicer than I expected - the fit is just right, it's super comfortable and the colour is nothing like I've ever picked before but I adore the shade of blue. There's actually a whole bunch of colours to choose from but I thought I'd step outside of my typical safe zone of colour schemes in my wardrobe for a change. I also chose boots with a heel on instead of my trusty flats (look at me going all out) and it added that extra dressy feel. It was one of those moments in life where you don't want to get too dressed up but you don't want to go too casual because you'll be in an environment full of fashionistas and you want to dress to impress and I think (for once) I made a modest decision of pairing these items together and finishing off by accessorizing.

Whilst I'm here, I also want to share the disappointment that I'm unable to attend a fashion launch party I was very kindly invited to by a lovely lady named Tiffany-Annabelle. Being a Northerner and a middle class citizen that can't afford the prices of train fares to London, it's taken away a chance of an afternoon that sounds like great fun. It is for the launch of which is a company to help people get the things they love for less (think designer gear you've been lusting for, for so long). The event will host bloggers, fashionistas and people with a love for fashion and style and seen as I'm unable to go, I am giving you lovely people the chance to go for yourself if you're available and interested. Here is the invite:

And if you want to contact Tiffany directly for more information you can on

Lots of love...


Monday, 7 October 2013

Lush haul

I apologise for being a bit M.I.A lately, I keep on planning all these posts and then I never get round to creating them so I definitely think I need to start up a blogging schedule to script the days I'm available (well I say I'm, really I mean my outfit photographer aka my brother). But thank you so so much to all you lovely people in the blogosphere who have taken out the time to follow and comment on my blog, every time my phone pings with a new email, I smile inwardly when I see it's a new comment. I feel so welcomed already and I've only been blogging for a few months now. It hasn't taken me long to fall in love with it however; my head is always gathering ideas and I'm always excited to share my passions and snippets of my life in my hidden little personal space from reality. 

Anyhooow, on to what I'm really here to talk about. I've been suffering with drastic breakouts lately and I'm not sure whether that's due to my raging hormones, my ridiculously oily skin, a skincare product I'm using or a makeup product I'm using. I am prone to spots and have suffered with mild acne since I was a young teenager but lately it's come back even worse and it's starting to get me down as I just can't seem to shift these pesky, angry spots. I am guilty for using too many products at once as I'm so eager to try them out which then leads to harshness and the production of brand new zits so I'm trying to break out of that habit and stick to what works best for me. This time I thought I'd take action and be kind to my skin by using fresh, handmade products for a change and where else is better to visit than Lush?

I only started to recognise how great their products were about a year ago and it's only recently that I've actually gone out and bought some of the well talked about products to give them a try myself. I can see why they call it Lush as the smell is irresistible when you are walking past and that shows in all their products. I shopped in Lush about a month ago and picked up the Mask of Magnaminty (125g), the Tea Tree Toner Water (100g), the Grease Lightning Spot Treatment (45g) and the Therapy Massage Bar (50g). I originally was just going to do a review on those 4 but whilst out on Saturday I bobbed into Lush again and spent my remaining change on the Popcorn Lip Scrub (25g). 

Mask of Magnaminty:
I've only used this twice so it's hard for me to judge but I do plan on using this again sometime next week as I used it again last night and I don't like to use face masks often as I'm skeptical of how it will remove the natural balance of oils in my skin. However, from first use I could certainly see and feel the difference it made to my skin. The best thing about it is it's made up of bentonite, kaolin, talc and vegetable glycerine which is perfect for my sensitive combination skin. It's purpose is to fight off the impurities, remove dead skin and give a clearer, cleaner feel to your skin and I think it hits the description spot on. When I was buying the product, the lovely, helpful Lush staff member who served me said she has been using this face mask for years and it's never let her down. She stated that when you have taken your makeup off and you still have that grubby feeling, this solves the problem and she was SO right. Despite looking like The Hulk (see here) when I applied a thick enough layer of it (but not near the eyes) and leaving it on for 10-15 minutes I did as instructed and finished off by rinsing with warm water. Whilst the mask was on my face, I could actually feel it getting to work. It made my skin tighten which must mean it settled into my skin quickly and efficiently. The slight tingle it leaves your face with is actually a refreshing feeling and it feels as though them 'Big Boy spots. Spots that take two days to come up but five days to bugger off' (which is so true to word) were less painful and prominent. It is comfortable when on and washes off easily without any residue left behind. After taking the mask off I could see that my skin wasn't as irritated and the smoothness it left was immense; I felt fresh as a daisy! It also did the job of exfoliating my skin (two in one, what a bonus) which meant it left my skin surrounding the spots with a more clear appearance. Despite the aduki beans and evening primrose seeds working hard at your skin for the exfoliating side, it wasn't harsh at all. I'm so wary when it comes to products thinking it's going to make my skin convert into an even worse condition but I have a strong feeling this is going to prevent my breakouts so I must remember to use it more often and I'd definitely recommend those with a similar skin type to mine to try it out.

Tea Tree Toner Water
I don't think I could have found a better product if I tried. I never even really knew the purpose of a toner, it seemed pointless and it does just look like water but I've come to my senses that it does so much more than that. I've always been a lover of tea tree products as it's the only thing that's reliable of keeping my spots at bay. I love the idea of this being a pump and spray because it means I only use the right amount I need. After cleansing, I apply the spritz on the main parts of my face (forehead, nose, chin etc) where dirt could still be laid meaning more spots being formed. I then finish off by swiping the rest of my face once, which is all you need to do as it's very sufficient. After investigating the cotton wool pad afterwards I can see the last bit of makeup has been removed and it completes my routine with a satisfied, high standard feel. It leaves my skin feeling as smooth as a baby's bottom and I feel when I don't use this (due to laziness some nights) my skin doesn't feel as good as it does with it. It feels as though my skin is on a downward spiral instead of an up so it isn't difficult for me to notice the positive effect it has at keeping my skin healthy.

Grease Lightning Spot Treatment:
This is another spot treating product that I'm pleased with. Like the Tea Tree Toner, I notice when I don't use this my spots seem to rise with soreness and inflammation. I apply this after my skincare routine just before I step into bed as it drys super quickly and I don't have to worry about it leaving my face and travelling onto the pillowcases. This also leaves a tight, tangy feeling to my skin but that doesn't bother me as I'm happy it's zapping the zits. It does my spots such justice, when I wake up I always check how my skin is looking and I must admit, it flattens the spot and makes them less visible. The only problem is, it does dry my spots up and make them less hard, bumpy and deeply grained. This is a good thing but for me, it's bad because I just end up picking the scabby parts and it just forms into another spot. It's like a vicious cycle! Once I try my hardest to quit doing that, I think I will benefit from it more and I seriously assume without it, I'd be in a bigger spot crisis. The bottle isn't very big but I've had a large use out of it and still have plenty left so it spreads out efficiently. I am going to repurchase this when I finally finish it.

Popcorn Lip Scrub:
To say this is a new product I've only just had the chance to experiment, I could go on about how lovely it is forever. I was torn between the Bubblegum one and this one but in the end I went for Popcorn I was a bit biased as popcorn is one of the tastiest snacks around and I do love my food as it's a more light scent and it smells divine. It's a good job it is made for the lips as it means I can actually get the taste of it as it would be nice enough to eat (if it was edible). I've only started using it but it does exactly what it says on the tin, my lips already feel free of dead/dry skin and it leaves my lipstick looking smoother and easier to apply without the roughage preventing it from its sleekness. It is a lovely texture and you don't need a huge amount of it which is great because the small tub will last you a whole lot longer.

Therapy Massage Bar:
This is another Lush product I've only used once, mainly because I hate spoiling the look of a product like this because it's so smooth and precise (I'm weird, I know). I was torn between which massage bar to go for as there is a wide range of options but in the end I went for this one as I thought this would be the most beneficial for me. Lush states that 'Therapy has just the right combination of cocoa butter to melt perfectly on the skin and give you a good softening massage. But hidden in this bar are three organic essential oils that nature has blessed with potent mood affecting benefits'. Guaranteed to leave your skin feeling hydrated and fresh AND a mood lifter, it was hard to turn down the offer of that. After all, everybody needs those moments where you take a long, hot bath and settle down with your Lush bar and happy mood after a stressful day. Plus, I'm a sucker for anything cocoa butter. I have a few tries to go to feel the real wonders of this massage bar but on the one time I did try it, I found it was very effective. It smells gorgeous, it was simple to use, easy to rub in, and it melted rapidly and adequately even when my skin wasn't feeling the best. It is extremely suitable for my sensitive skin and unlike other soaps and bars, it left no reaction or rashes. After I used this, it felt soft and I smelt lovely. It is that cherry on top of the cake during a pampering session and leaves you feeling wholesome and relaxed which meant I could even have a better nights sleep! (Although I didn't notice my mood changing that much, yet anyway...). An added bonus is that it replaces the liquids that do a similar job and you don't have to worry about it spilling all over. I have also caught a glimpse of people saying this massage bar helps with stretch marks and some types of pain so I can't wait to have another session with this and see if it makes any difference to the few long term stretch marks I have on the back of my legs and if it relieves my muscle spasms/shooting pains I often get with my condition in any way. In conclusion, I'd fully recommend it to any type of skin either using it as treatment or just for ordinary use.

So that's everything. I'm pretty happy with my purchases and I'm glad I made the right decisions as to what I spent my money on because I can often waste it on a rubbish product. Have you ever tried any of these and what are your thoughts?

Lots of love... 

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