Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wednesday Wishlist: all eyes on eyelets


Keeping it short and sweet today as I'm currently feeling incredibly sorry for myself whilst nursing a full blown cold that's knocked me for six. Unfortunately it's that time of year again where the dreaded lergy spreads like the plague but it's also that time of year where you can really get a taste of the current trends and it's not gonna stop me from having my usual Wednesday lust (I'm pretty indestructible when it comes to clothes shopping).

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Beauty: Makeup Forever HD Foundation

It's not often I write an individual product review. I used to in the blogging beginner days but now I just think they're a little dated and dull. However, there comes a time where you discover one holy grail that is worth shouting about!

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Style: designer vs dupe

I've never been a designer fanatic. Although there's no denying there's some seriously drool worthy accessories and sophisticated luxuries on the market, I'd happily see more for my money and spend hundreds of pounds rading the high street shops rather than splurging on a singular investment piece (hey, sometimes I even prefer the appearance of the cheaper option which works out fantastically in the end). However, one thing I have learnt since becoming a blogger is how much we all love a good dupe. As more fresh authentic stock is waved in the air and the spenders flaunt their beautiful chosen Chloe bags, I'm slowly being dragged to a higher class range and quite frankly, I can't afford to go there. I may suck at resisting temptation but when it becomes a decision between living essentials and a yearn for allll the treats, I've got to be sensible (a girl gotta eat). That's why I've spent the past few days rounding up and collecting my favourite designer fragments and discovering some less purse heavy alternatives to share with you lovely readers who, like me, still want to join in with the latest trendy hypes but without breaking the bank.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wednesday Wishlist: venturing into Dorothy Perkins


Dorothy Perkins isn't a shop I think of at the mention of outfit inspiration, I tend to class it as the older lady shop, the one that has the odd piece in now and again but not a firm favourite. Lately, however, my opinion has completely changed.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Life: a day out to York

There's nothing I love more than a spontaneous day trip, especially when the impulse turns into nothing but often forgotten admiration for the county you were born in. York has always been one of my favourite places and honestly, I don't visit as often as I should do! That's why when we decided to up-road on a fine summers day last month, I made sure I soaked up every tiny little detail.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Sunday Natter: a school or a prison?

Hello lovelies! In today's Sunday Natter post it's going to be a real personal view, and will more than likely turn into a small ranting debate in a subject (no pun intended) that I've wanted to discuss for a while.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Life: cocktails, pizza and pool at Slate NQ

The last time I visited Slate NQ it was a rowdy and rather exciting launch night so when I was invited back to have a sample of the real Slate experience of food, drink and entertainment a few weeks back, I was thrilled and just couldn't say no! 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Wednesday Wishlist: Zara new season must haves

Oh Zara, my one true love. How I dream of spending every last penny on your constant style updates. Whenever I feel I need a wardrobe revamp heading into a new season, Zara is always the answer. Of course, I only treat myself to the odd piece as it's not the cheapest of shops but the quality makes it well worthwhile.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The holiday lookbook: evening wear week 2

So I'm now onto the final instalment of my holiday lookbooks, the last week of my evening attire. As we've come to an end, it feels like I finally have to let go of the Spanish reminiscence and I no longer have any excuse to pine over sunshine and happy times. Goodbye Costa Blanca, hello Costa Del Rainy Leeds...

The last week of a holiday is a bit of an angel/devil situation. You're able to enjoy dressing up to your hearts content as your tan is in full golden mode, but then you know the fun and relaxation is about to finish any moment and you're almost watching the clock tick by. I think I did make the most of the time I had left (outfit wise anyway), I gave my style a boost in the right (or should I say white) direction and I really thought I'd up my game with the 'I wish to appear more elegant' movement. I may have had a funny look here and there, the familiar question of 'why on earth are you so dressed up' pretty much visible on the ogling faces of the public but that's just me, I dress up to feel good and it's such a holiday tradition that I'll be doing it till I'm old and grey. 

A floral statement doesn't need a big amount of further detail, it's such a safe, sensible yet complimenting choice.
Dress - Zara (sale) | Shoes - Deichmann | Bag - Primark

Friday, 11 September 2015

The holiday lookbook: evening wear week 1

To say I'm way behind on publishing my holiday posts is an understatement to say the least and although I'm now 100% ready for pretty flowers to turn into golden, crispy leaves, drawn out evenings to change into darkened nights and summer stock to be replaced with Halloween gear, it doesn't stop me dreaming of this time two months ago when I was enjoying my well needed trip to Spain. 

Contradicting to my casual day outfits (which you can find here and here) it's almost traditional for me to make more of an effort (or at least try to) once sprucing up for the evening meal and drinks to follow. I never leave the apartment without a pair of statement heels (unless I'm going to be walking a while and need some room for my feet to breathe) and my accessories have to blend in. Past 8pm has to be my favourite time during a holiday, the heat is almost bearable, the sun is setting, and as you're nearly ready to take a therapeutic walk to the centre for allll the food, applying the final touch of detail to your freshly co-ordinated outfit is oh so satisfying, whether that be a piece of jewellery or a certain nail varnish. I always find evening outfits are way more fun to create and if you're lucky enough to be on holiday for a long duration of time, you can display all sections to your personal style which in my case is the comfortable side, the on trend side, the girly side and the cool but casual (and judging by some rad decisions), the cowboy side. 

The first night choice is difficult when you're still pale as ever, but you can never go wrong with stripes.
Jumpsuit - eBay | Bag - Primark | Belt - ASOS | Shoes - Primark

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Wednesday Wishlist: lusting for boot season


I don't know about you but I'm finding it hard to resist the swift, sudden transition to autumn/winter. The weather can't make its mind up, one minute it feels like summer has arrived months late, the next it's freezing to the point of seriously considering dusting your scarf and mitts out of your wardrobe. It seems as soon as September arrives, I'm right in there ditching the summer gear and lusting over the AW dressing!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Life: The Body Shop - Spa of the World event

If I had to pick only one stand out blog event host it'd always be The Body Shop, so I couldn't think of a better place to be on a rainy Friday evening back in August. This time, it was in aid of the super glorious new Spa of the World range which is inspired by traditional spa treatments from all four corners of the globe. The collection focuses on providing you with a luxury spa experience but without the hefty price tag and from your own home comfort!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Sunday Natter: seeing life through a blogger's eyes

It's no secret us bloggers, vloggers and all round online sensations love a good photo/video session. As someone who is fully accommodated to the typical stereotype that comes with being a blogger, I never seize an opportunity to capture the moment and when I'm in the company of other bloggers, I can't help but feel thankful there's a mutual affinity; no longer am I the strange tourist in the corner, I'm a normal person who just enjoys taking pictures of everything in sight in fear of not having the memories kept close by to record and look back on in the future. The question is, is there a limit? I don't particularly think so but other 'ordinary' members of the public just don't seem to get it and that's what I wanted to discuss in today's chatty Sunday post!

Friday, 4 September 2015

Life: long awaited weddings and garden celebrations

After 13 years of a blossoming relationship, happy times, and a daughter to complete the previously developed family, my auntie (and now official) uncle finally tied the knot last month. When the news broke out earlier this year I couldn't help but be thankful my uncle's years of persuasion eventually paid off and he was getting what he wished for - to marry the love of his life!

My auntie was adamant the second marriage doesn't have to be as extravagant which I understood but I also believe it's your day, your time to feel like a royal, for all attention to be on you whilst creating beautiful surroundings (and it was my uncle's first (and most likely final) marriage so there had to be some dazzling surprises. After months of careful planning, they both decided on a tranquil day kept personal to themselves, friends and family and retained on a budget. The ceremony would be at the local town hall where the registry takes place, then the closest group of people would go back to the house with a garden reception, then the week after would be party time with the rest (read:hundreds) of the friends of both the bride and groom.

At first I was apprehensive, I'm not exactly the most experienced wedding-wise but as venues and folklore routines go, I couldn't picture it. However, I was proved totally wrong when I headed down to the house pre-wedding to see an ordinary back garden transformed into a pretty paradise filled with flowers, satin chairs, and elegant decor, along with a beautiful bride in the most stunning bargain of a dress. I couldn't quite believe how different it looked. Every inch of detail was perfectly furnished; a marquee for cover, a rose decorated archway, and their famous alcohol fuelled bar being all ready to be rampaged. Absolutely everything was made from scratch, the preparation was precise and you could truly tell just how much effort went into it. After seeing it all formed together and having extreme melting of the heart by how lovely everybody looked, excitement started to truly kick in.

The theme for the wedding, the dresses, the bouquets, the hair and the makeup was lilac, white ivory and silver, nothing remotely unusual but a trio of subtle colours that worked uniquely and suited my auntie down to a tee. Although it wasn't traditional in the sense of no first dance, no official table sitting and speeches, no photographer and no hired cars (only my cousin's swish BMW) the long awaited marriage was still so warm, inviting and tear jerking with the children as bridesmaids and pageboy, my mum as maid of honour, and my two cousins (her older sons) giving her away. That serene English vibe shone through, as well as the sunshine. That was the thing I was mostly worried about, we're all familiar with the unpredictable northern weather but luck was on our side and it made an uber bright appearance throughout the day (even if I was freezing my bum off by the time sun had set, drunk dad dancing and too much chitter chatter happened). 

I was also privileged to have a huge part in my auntie's big day as I was asked if I'd like to take on the photography - of course I said yes, there's nothing I'd love more than to have such a major job on capturing precious memories, even if I was scared about the responsibility of snapping every special moment. I know I'm no professional but I was so proud to help out in any way I could and my work of the day has been so kindly appreciated and admired by everyone which I'm ridiculously pleased about. 

Being the 'photographer' as I was labelled by the host of the day, I was ushered to the front of the small but quaint room and given instructions on where to stand and shoot. By this point, I definitely felt a cross between an idiot and a counterfeit master. All eyes were on me until the intense wait was over and the gushing bride walked arm in arm with her two boys to a mellow Marti Pellow (and an unintentional rhyme). The ceremony was just as I imagined, simple and full of emotion. Sentiment ran high as the couple said their I do's along with some nervous giggles, and the exchange of rings with passionate smiles and loved up kisses. There was even the presence of a FaceTime guest all the way from America; my uncle's sister unfortunately couldn't make it so she witnessed it through the power of an iPad which was the icing on the cake (no pun intended) and the cue for continued welling up actions. The magic of technology, ey?!

Trying to juggle both a video camera on a tripod and stretching in all positions to take dozens of photos reflecting the thrill in the air was extremely difficult but I did it, it was a success and it was time to head outside for some more photos. As the confetti flew, the crowd gradually gathered and increased in size as the suave guests were eager to have the customary bride-groom photo. It was lovely seeing everybody beaming as I took a step back and began clicking away again. 

Despite the rush of the horde, there's always time for a quick outfit photo. My dress of the day was Miss Selfridge, my shoes an eBay staple, and my necklace New Look. I wanted something feminine and classy, accessorised with the cliche wedding items; a button hole, some diamond and pearl encrusted hair pins and matching jewellery. My hair was styled by my amazingly talented hairdresser and I was swooning over it for the duration of the day. I also paired a lilac clutch bag to finish off the themed piece but forgot to hold it for the photo (I just never realise until it's too blooming late!). 

Heading back to the house was when the fun kicked in and congratulations were in order. The entire celebrations were a winner as everyone adored the finale just as much as I did. The buffet went down a treat, the kids finally had the chance to let their cuteness run wild, selfie sticks were out in full force, laughing was priority, and a glass (or two) of cava was toasted along with a near drunken informal speech from my uncle's brother, the best man. That drunkenness seemed to treble towards the end of the night as my uncle had definitely endured way too much exhilaration for one day. He ended up collapsed in the spare room on top of all the honeymoon holiday clothes and was left there to sleep it off. That's when I knew, the official declaration of marriage is never going to change the humour and love of my incredible family! 

I loved every part of their delightful day and it was so nice to grab that rare opportunity of gathering everyone together and sharing the essence. Visible radiance gleamed through from start to finish. I wish my auntie and uncle all the best for the future! I'd say I hope they grow old together but there's nothing I'm certain of more. 

Bridie x
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