Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016: A Round Up Of A Formidable Year

2016, wow. What a year. I don't think there's ever been a year so full of promising highs and catastrophic lows! There's many questions I'd like to ask: where on earth did the duration of you go? Why did you have to be so cruel yet also so kind? How did you ever manage to become so significantly transformative? but more than anything, I owe it a massive thank you.  A thank you for introducing me to the real mortal dying to get out there, a thank you for teaching me the true value of happiness, a thank you for showing me the importance of life, how fortunate I am, and how sticking together as a supportive, understanding network can help rid of the negative - and damn right terrifying - worldly goings on and political downfalls. A thank you for throwing challenges ahead to allow me to fortify my inbuilt strength and a thank you for ending with hope, despite what may be recurrently happening around my weary head. 


Friday, 30 December 2016

A New Years Eve Party Glam Makeup Look

In my eyes, even as I grow to become a bit of a scrooge - Christmas isn't over until it transcends into New Year. The tree and the trimmings aren't taken down until you've ended the festive celebrations with that final piece of sparkle and glam, and once the clock strikes midnight it's a chance to show off the potential of your passed year as a whole. Whether you're out partying, with the company of prized friends, following on with family bonding, embracing the fireworks, or you're sat at home in your pyjamas with zero plans telling yourself you'll start your diet in January (like me most years), the option is still open for you to make the most of the last day of the year. If your decision is to go wild, or enjoy it from your home comforts, you can still use the 31st as an excuse to make yourself look and feel amazing to ensure you go out with a bang!


Sunday, 25 December 2016

What Is Christmas Really About?

Merry Christmas, everyone! I feel like I should follow on with a predictive 'I hope it's filled with everything you could possibly wish for and you receive everything you asked for' message but this year, more than ever, I believe Christmas time stretches far beyond the materialism and the desperate need to acquire the latest propaganda. Not that I have anything against people being given the most luxurious gifts with love and appreciation - no way. More than anything, I love to see the gratitude ooze as I have a nosy with heart eyes at the social media posts but that's far from the point I wanted to make in today's post. 

Saturday, 24 December 2016

My Favourite Christmas Home Comforts

For the extroverts, Christmas is the season to party in glitz and glam and for the introverts, it's the best part of the year. I'm in the region of the latter and for me, there's nothing better than taking advantage of the cosiness at Christmas time. It's bitterly cold outside and you're inside, warm and toasty, the fire ignited and blazing, your favourite festive film playing out, wrapped up and snuggled in your duvet with a hot chocolate and marshmallows as you shut off the world in your own senses. The perfect picturesque scene if ever there was one. If at any time there's an excuse to laze around and revel in a stay at home break, Christmas is the occasion. You wouldn't believe just how much staying in and treasuring the heartland of the place you're free to be yourself can work wonders on your mindset. It's the little things that make a house at home in the month of December and I thought I'd share them with you on the eve of the big day itself.


Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Personal: What Made Me Happy In November

I know it's a little late in the month to recast back to November but I didn't want to end the year not falling with the pattern of giving rigorous detail into what turned my frown upside down. The past couple of months have been quite tough for various reasons but no matter what happens, there's always that light at the end of forbidding darkness, the escapism, the reason I can enjoy my surroundings despite the negative feelings, and that's what really made me appreciate the finer facets in life. So, without further ado, let's get to the nitty gritty.

Monday, 19 December 2016

My Top Tips For Keeping Healthy This Christmas

It's no secret the way to sail through the Christmas period is to indulge until your body mass is heavier than the bag of gifts you bring. Tis' the season for eating is notorious knowledge - whether that's the piled up turkey dinner, the party nibbles, the unstoppable Celebrations snacking or the inability to resist temptation as the boxes of shortbread and variety biscuits keep being persuasively passed to you without notice; being a glutton is unavoidable and at every corner you turn. 


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Five Paul Mitchell Gift Sets You Need In Your Life This Christmas

If you're an avid reader of my blog you'll know I'm extremely fond of Paul Mitchell and their luxury hair care range and I'm lucky to receive a bi monthly box featuring a variety of their products - so the discovery of new favourites to add to my 'this will certainly be an indulgent treat to make my locks feel, smell, and look deluxe divine' continues to increase as I speak. I have many gift sets lying around waiting to be trialled and adored (because one duo seriously does go hell of a long way and they're all queued up ready to be used when the other is finished) and I don't think I appreciate the quality of them enough. Not only is the inside contents bound to sensually uplift your hair spirits, but the outer packaging of the Paul Mitchell kits are always so fetching and full of character. Totally supreme for providing the gift of beauty to any loved one as Christmas rolls in, or even ideal for treating yourself once the period of buying for others is over (because let's face it - purchasing, then watching your neatly wrapped present be ripped open followed by lightened eyes and a ton of gratitude is the most satisfying part). Christmas is a time for joy, peace, love and giving, and there's nothing like some sparkle in the form of heavenly hair care to make that happen.


Monday, 12 December 2016

Through The Lens: Manchester Christmas Markets

Ask me what my favourite aspect of Christmas is and I'll always answer the markets. Not even because I enjoy spending money I should be saving for gifts on food persuasively brought to my nasal walls by the strong scent of sickly sweet waffles, but because I feel like once the wooden stalls and surrounding festive greenery are fixed up, you can officially get into the spirit. Usually I don't venture away from my local Leeds German market but this year, as Manchester slowly but surely becomes my second home, I managed to explore the magic in the heart of another city; and not in just one place, as the trail leads through the streets - lined with dainty chalets, embellishments and trimmings and the brightest of starry lights, it's a definite blink and you'll miss it kind of experience. 


Friday, 9 December 2016

Emmerdale Studio Experience

If you would've told me my two worlds - the deeply invested in a 7pm soap side of me and the supposed adult who likes to post my thoughts, feelings, and adventures online side of me - would have collided during my blogger journey, I'd have looked at you with nothing but bemusement perched upon my face. But it seems nothing is impossible as a fair few weeks back now my dream event was advertised alongside many other people informing me of my idealisation (which I had to laugh about). Of course I jumped on the opportunity as quickly as possible and was kindly invited along to step in to a tour of the behind the scenes action whilst secretly trying my best to not expose myself to a bunch of people who definitely don't dedicate their evenings and entire life to this programme (says the person who shamelessly kept shouting out the answers to the questions asked, ahem.) 


Friday, 25 November 2016

Five Tips For Christmas Catalogue Shopping

No matter how much we try and push it to the back of our minds and forget about the stress, Christmas is only just around the corner and with Black Friday (or should I say Black Monday to Friday) ushering our temptation to spend to the limit, it strikes that inner time bomb that is ready to go festive crazy! You probably haven’t thought about Christmas shopping via catalogues – it certainly isn’t something I’ve done since sitting on my Grandma’s knee in the 90s but despite them being a shadow from the past they are still popularly up and running and it is a fruitful way to bring in those bespoke buys. Just like revolutionised online shopping, the advantages are the same; it’s hassle free and you can browse from the comfort of your own home at a time suited to you. No long lines, no traffic jams, no strict opening hours, no slow walkers, no hounding and best of all – it’s delivered straight to your door ready for you to decide on.


Thursday, 17 November 2016

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Personal: What Made Me Happy In October

The month of October was that alive, I accidentally skipped the September section of my what made me happy posts but truthfully, there was nothing significant to report and everything that occurred almost identically matched the events of October - just on a smaller scale. October was a month I'd been excited for since I gained a life and a more optimistic outlook on my own integrity. The plans I had with the people I love the most outweighed the negatives I used to dwell on so much before I found a reason to move forward and now it's all over with there's no denying I'm a little bit sad (good job the dates in the diary are still been scribbled over up until the end of the year!). It's the impelling build up I'll miss the most but now we've moved into November, the clocks have gone back and winter has well and truly made its entrance there's still plenty to await with pleasure - mainly the big C word - but before that here's a summary of my manic month!


Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Mini Giveaway: An Organic Chocolatey Treat

I've been blogging for a few years now and as I've grown so has the local spirit - the events in Leeds are fast becoming as popular as the city buzz that roams London but unfortunately, I'm not always able to attend them all. Last month I was invited to the launch of TILI (Thanks I love It) an exciting business venture that offers pre-packaged gift boxes filled with products sourced from independent designers and makers - think every inch of a dainty dream packed into one box full of prettiness and you've cracked it - but unfortunately I couldn't head down to join in the fun. The girls very kindly sent over a small goody bag for me to enjoy, anyway, and have recently just got back in touch asking if I'd like to hold a giveaway on my blog for their speciality chocolate bars that they over purchased in error. Of course I said yes; because not only would it be a sincere way of giving back to the readers that have stuck by me whilst I had my blog breakdown but it's chocolate and who the hell can ever refuse that?

What makes it even more desirable is that Doisy & Dam are an organic, vegan brand but with all the heavenly tastes of chocolate combined (I myself were sent over one of the bars and I can confirm the light chunks are every bit delicious). The bars open and ready to be shipped off to the lucky winner are: four 100g bars of Goji and Orange - a delicious, chewy texture of goji berries paired perfectly with natural and sweet orange flavour, and four 100g bars of Date & Himalayan Pink Salt - like salted caramel, but healthier. So that's eight treats to satisfy those sweet tooth needs without leaving that naughty indulgent guilt weighing heavily on those taste buds. 

The rules are the same as always; the giveaway will be held through Rafflecopter and all you need to do is enter the mandatory options (and any more add ons of your choice) to ensure your entry. The giveaway is already live and ends in one week time - short and sweet (pardon the pun) as it's not an extravagant competition. Unfortunately, and as much as I'd love to include everybody, the giveaway is only open to UK and European international destinations due to ridiculous postage prices outside of the EU and restrictions with food based items. The winner will be picked entirely from random and contacted straight away. Good luck and happy cravings!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Bridie x


Wednesday Wishlist: Halloween Hot Picks


Halloween is my favourite time of the year! It's a social congress - whether you're staying in to decorate and transform your home into a haunted house with crafty carved pumpkins and pick and mix filled bags of lollipops and refresher bars to attract (and more than likely scare off) the neighbourhood children, whether you're having a marathon of all the best scary movies, or whether you're heading out to the nearest party and having a dress off competition with your circle of friends. It's a way to have fun whilst experimenting with your image and for one day only, you can look as ridiculous at you want without a care in the world because no-one will bat an eyelid. 

For some though, looking ridiculous isn't even an option. I think as you get older you're less of a white faced, fake blood, wicked kind of witch and a more casual costumer. Luckily, this year the dark, gothic trend is already in full swing so dressing to a devilish standard can be done just by hitting the high street and hunting down the inspired pieces. All the dramatic lace, the heavy ruffles, the velvet, and the burgundies - paired with some characterised extras and you're bound to make an entrance.

Usually I never have anything planned for Halloween and just secretly enjoy it from the sidelines but this year - the year I miraculously gained friends I don't know how I ever lived without - I'm going all out and attending a charity ball this weekend; masquerade mask, classy gown and matching accessories all intact. Without sounding overly cheesy, it's gonna be frighteningly fun and out of the ordinary for me but to say I can't wait is an understatement. I hope whatever you guys get up to will be more than satisfactory and if you're stuck for some ideas - relish in my hot picks and get creative!

Bridie x


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

My New CID Cosmetics Collection

Hello you fine folk, remember me? It actually feels like I haven't blogged in years (okay, it's only been 13 days but still) I seem to have slipped off the wagon for a while and I'm not putting the blame on anyone but myself. October has been a manic month; I've been caught up in real life, I've sat down at my laptop numerous times with a page open in front of me only to stare back at a loss of motivation and a blank mind, and truthfully, my innovative ideas were second to none. BUT I'm back, and it feels so good to get back into the swing of things.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Five Ways To Pick Yourself Up When You're Run Down

I like to call this time of year the lurgy year. There's the coughing and the spluttering as you walk the streets, the domino pattern as the common cold is passed down the family tree, the strenuous mission to get a doctor's appointment and of course the dramatic feeling sorry for ourselves. We're completely entitled to that, though. If it's not the perfect time to appreciate all the times we didn't have a blocked up, stuffy nose and a clear airway, it's time to perk yourself up with a well deserved reflective rest because we all occasionally need it and we're all worthy of a fresh, revitalised positivity boost. Whether you're suffering a bout of the annual winter bug or are feeling generally run down and exhausted about life, here's my top pick me ups to help you fall right back on track.


Thursday, 6 October 2016

Summer To Autumn: The Transitional Primark Haul

Hello and happy 'it's nearly Friday' you lovely lot! What better way to kick off October on my blog than with another one of my signature Primark hauls? As we transition into autumn it's awkward to conjure an outfit that fits both the weather condition and your inner style which means it's best to always head to the safety net of shopping - the place where you can pick up anything from versatile basics to a couple of printed pieces and wild risque's out of the box - and of course, that place is good ol' Primarni. 


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Thoughts Over Coffee

Okay, I lied. I can't drink coffee because the caffeine sends me wild but the concept remains the same if you swap one hot beverage for another chocolatey treat. It's probably no secret that I've been totally distant from the blogging scene for the majority of this September month and it seems ironic talking about the lack of inspiration for writing, through my writing but as I met up with some local bloggers at the #LeedsCoffeeAndCakeMeet (organised by the lovely Claire) on Sunday afternoon, the conversations we had spurred me on to give myself a kick up the bum and a huge push forward to just go with the flow. Get my thoughts out there. Tell the world about my current incompetent schedule and feelings towards being a nobody. 


Thursday, 15 September 2016

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Personal: What Made Me Happy In August

If I'm honest, I'm quite surprised I've kept my monthly happiness posts on a regular run from the start of the year up until now. September already, you say? I'm just as startled as you are - the mention of the c word and the darker nights drawing in kind of contradicts the humid weather and the sense that summer evaporated without me even realising. There isn't much of a difference in this month's merriment, you could call it a sort of a continuation of July's events. Probably nothing at all that's worth boasting about, nor anything that anyone remotely cares but a little positivity is always pleasant to read, right? I enjoy getting my thoughts written out and focusing on my untroubled points, even if it does mean I'm talking to myself.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

NYX Cosmetics: A Shameless Splurge

Ever since NYX Cosmetics arrived in the UK I've been sucked into the hype; no longer do I have to yearn from a northern distance or consider jumping on a plane to America, I can just head down to my local Boots' and there's an entire stand dedicated to my habit of breaking the bank with nothing but beauty. I'd heard a lot about NYX but was dying to try them out for myself - with the wide range available, all at an affordable price with prime quality I got stuck in well and truly and the entirety of ,my makeup stash has been filled with nothing but. I'm not even gonna apologise.


Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: Feeling The Notebook Love

Nope, not the film. Although I could cry just as much trawling through pages of dreamy stationery but end on a happy note (no pun intended) instead of bearing my soul towards nature taking its cause. If there's ever an acceptable time for me to bring my notebook addiction out of habitation, it's the start of a new term where I can pass it off as a back to school starter pack although I'm 23 years of age and just hold a strong passion for collecting pretty journals for the sake of it. I would say I use them for a wise purpose of jotting my ideas, random thoughts and insightful content down on paper but most of the time they're placed up on a shelf or next to makeup products as a final piece for the perfect insta photo because they're just so decorative. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

20 Things You Shouldn't Say To A Chronic Pain Sufferer

When you live with chronic pain, you don't just live with the persistent anguish; you live with the unknown, the looming judgement, the inevitable choice of enjoying yourself to the extreme and suffering vs staying put with no social life to ease the suffering just a smidgen, the false hope of moving forward when you have a good day only to be shattered with an intense bad day the next, the limitations, the loss of control, the disappointment in yourself, and the idea that you constantly have to prove a point, that this invisible torment shredding you of any normality does exist even though it can't be seen hidden behind a giggle and a "yeah I'm good, how are you?". Dealing with an incurable condition that isn't understood from a distance can be isolating and it's tough, very tough. I know from my personal experience I find it hard to trust anyone away from my tight knit, inner circle; like if I express myself too much the guessing will begin - the wrong kind, the presuming kind, the kind that sees straight through the exhaustion, the sickness, the misery and distress and focuses on the outer shell. 


Monday, 29 August 2016

Five A Day Advice and Recipes

Happy bank holiday Monday, guys! It's seems like forever ago since we had a 3 day weekend so to relish in a day of freedom - whether you're lazing around doing nothing or spending it being counter productive - is something to engulf. The August bank holiday, for me, pretty much marks the end of summer. September swarms in and soon enough we're swapping sunglasses and flowers for scarves and crispy, golden leaves and as much as I love the warmer weather, I can't help but pine for my favourite time of the year! Saying this, there was no better time to publish a guest post very kindly written by Alyson Yazi to feature on my blog - because if there's any opportunity to get back into a healthy routine and shed off that ice cream enforced timber, it's a change of season. Enjoy!


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Pastille Beauty's 3rd Birthday Celebrations

Up until last week I hadn't attended a blog event in a good couple of months so to become reacquainted with an invite to 3rd birthday celebrations at a popular Leeds' salon surrounded by lashings of prettiness, I've never felt so honoured. I've always heard so much great feedback from Pastille Beauty Bar, a place of pleasure and pampering located in the award winning Granary Wharf development (or as I call it, the posher part of Leeds) yet - to my shock horror - I'd never stepped foot in there for any treatments.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Personal: Things That Made Me Happy In July

Where as August seems to be bolting by without warning, July feels like it was a lifetime ago. The last couple of months have been a real turnaround in my general happiness, in fact I've never been so happy. I've discovered this unrevealed fragment of my life that I never knew I needed until now and stumbled upon a part of me that just fits with the rest. It's been an overwhelming time in my usually average life which means in return I get to spread my positive vibes across my blog in usual pattern of my pensive monthly moments and I think this is the most excited I've ever been about getting my thoughts down in writing!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

25 Struggles Only People With Long Hair Will Understand

It seems these humorous kind of posts have fast become a favourite of mine to write. Whether it's because I like to pretend I'm funny and have the ability to treat everyday problems with contempt or just because I enjoy switching my serious talk up once in a while. I realise it's probably been done a million times before but I like to put my own twist on things. Albeit I'm not quite buzzfeed or cosmopolitan but I do approach unarmed of insults (or at least I try).

For as long as I can remember, my hair has been uncontrollably long. The first year of my life was spent sporting the bald look but from the age of 3 my locks reached down my back and have failed to formulate a stop sign ever since. I've had many hair styles, cuts and colours over the years but my hair always seems to catch up with me in a way I just can't ignore. It must be something in the genes, but that's probably just my tangled hair...


Monday, 8 August 2016

My Instagram Holiday Photo Diary

Oh, Instagram. Before your algorithm, your spam bots, your impossibility of keeping hold of the followers you gained and your inability to create original ideas on how to display trivial life activity for 24 hours only, you were my best friend. Well, you still are; along with my frustration, lack of enthusiasm and distinct swap around in favouritism, you remain my number one spot to share my photos. 


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: August Festival Fashion Season

August is already living up to its expectations; drizzle, dullness, the buzz of summer wearing off as we frantically browse the autumn tag on pinterest but one thing that doesn't fade quickly is the festival hype. Festivals occur from June right up until September and it's probably my favourite time of year - not because I actually attend (huge enclosed drunken crowds, bad hygiene, sleeping rough, not for me I'm afraid) but because I like to admire from afar (or should I say my cosy front room). There's nothing better than putting your feet up with a cuppa exploring the diversity of style from festivals all over the world, whilst the background music of perspired Chris Martin singing flows gracefully in your ear. 


Monday, 1 August 2016

The Tales Of A Baby Face

Making the transition into responsible adulthood is hard, holding on to your childhood nostalgia makes it easier, but being an expectant grown up with the face of an innocent baby filled with honey sweet expressions is probably the worst combination. I've just gone twenty three yet I struggle to be seen as anything past fifteen, not only from people around me but from myself when I look at the reflection in the mirror and think "how, just how can I pass through my life stages with no significant change?".

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Holiday Lookbook: The Daytime Dress Down

The second (and last) instalment of my holiday lookbook is toned down just a smidgen from last year - not only to save room in my suitcase and stop cluttering the apartment with clothes I probably won't even get the chance to wear but to prevent my poor brother going into further meltdown as I drag him around Spain with a camera and my formal orders. Day to day wear is a favourite in my book, there's a sense of careless casual and cool chic thrown into my outfit delivery as I either spend time around the pool in bikinis and cover ups, or stroll off for breakfast in a lightweight get-up of shorts skimpy tops. The heat is obviously insanely intense throughout the day, especially at peak time of 12-3pm so it's hard to find comfortable balance - as you'll see in a moment, I usually end up immersing myself with too many pairs of sunglasses, sandals, and sometimes even bare feet.

Day one: my airport attire was uncomplicated as can be this year as I managed to grab this denim jumpsuit in the New Look sale. As soon as I slipped into the broadened material and it fit like a glove I knew that would be the all in one piece I'd be travelling in. Its versatility fits in with the country swap; the cut out sides allowing me to breathe once I arrive in doubled temperatures! A pair of slip on mules I can easily release my feet from on the crammed plane and a baker boy cap I can hide my sweaty excursion hair in is just an added bonus.


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Holiday Lookbook: The Nighttime Glam

Welcome to my first instalment of my holiday lookbook! After another tough week battling through a heavy schedule and an unfortunate deterioration in pain levels, I finally managed to sort through the most important chapter of my holiday - and that would be my outfits.  If you were interacting over on my instagram whilst I was away you'll have more than likely seen a sneak peek of most of my outfits but I also like to showcase them over on my blogging platform for you all to see! For me, planning, preparing, then eventually wearing your new clobber is one of the most exciting parts about heading off on vacay - albeit there's some unavoidable creases and accidental shampoo spillages on the way there, and there's the issue of humidity attempting to creep in and replace stylish with sweaty mess once worn but I still love the refreshing feeling and the confidence gained when you dash out for an evening of food, cocktails and a gearing up for the guaranteed "why is she so dressed up in a quiet rural part of Spain" stares. 

If you've been following my blog for a couple of years (oh you loyal things, you) you'll know photographing my daily and nightly outfits is a cliche move for me and this year was no different. I've stuck to my morals, experimented with garments I'd be happy to take on in an unfamiliar environment, developed an unwavering love for bright shades of colour and mixed up my holiday wardrobe so there's no specific direction. From pretty dresses to relaxed jumpsuits and all out risque, I tried it all...

Day one: imagine my mood when the entire first day was cloudy and dull, keep that picture in mind and then analyse my outfit choice. Yep, that's right, I went for all black in this on trend cut out shoulder frill playsuit, layered choker necklace and tie up sandals.


Saturday, 23 July 2016

Summer Beauty Saviours

Did you survive the heatwave? Yes? Good. It's hard work dealing with temperatures past a certain point isn't it - especially when that point is sitting out in the garden at 10pm because the brisk of air is cooler than your front room with all the windows open and a house representing Bug's Life. When it's hot in Britain, it's hard to handle so imagine how parched your skin gets in its daily exposure to sun (okay, what I really mean is when you're on holiday or enjoying the three days of warm weather at home). 

Monday, 18 July 2016

Personal: things that made me happy in June

Hey hey, I'm back - well technically I flew home late at night a week today but haven't been able to get my blogging butt back into gear until a fresh Monday emerged. Partly because last week was a hectic but momentously brilliant week and the other half because I seem to always be lumbered with this post holiday dispirit where all I want to do is try my best to adjust to the below average temperature, sleep and eagerly observe my tanned skin to silently pray it stays put in this so called British weather (although with this supposed heatwave bracing, it seems I did in fact bring the sunshine home). I enjoyed my well needed break (probably too much if I'm honest) but am feeling all kinds of motivated to get back on track. With plenty of posts to plan for my upcoming blog schedule, some of which features around my most cherished time in the luxurious sunshine and some of which were photographed beforehand - what better time was there to mark down my monthly happiness? Especially when there's so much sadness in the world as of lately. These posts almost always start with my shock of how the year seems to be flying by but this time round I feel like I've been gone an entire full year when in reality it's only three weeks. As most of June was spent vacay prepping it didn't leave me much head space to extensively think about the highlights but as they say, it's always best to act on impulse... 


Sunday, 26 June 2016

Taking A Break

Hello my lovely blog readers! Just passing by to leave a little message as I try and mute myself from breaking out into song about going on summer holidays whilst scampering around like a mad woman gathering together my last bits and bobs and resisting the urge to just fall back asleep after staying up way later than I should have done last night (ahem, Adele's spectacular performance at Glastonbury, it's your fault). Today's the day I fly off to my place of bliss (or Spain for those who are unfamiliar with the boasting of my favourite acquainted location) and I'm signing off from the blog for two weeks. I know there's so many bloggers out there who are on board with the scheduling of posts whilst they're away but I'm in the minority who actually likes to just shut off the world and forget about any blog-related promotion and preparation whilst I enjoy my time away stress and burden-free. I'll be a ghostly representation of a tumbleweed as I go M.I.A on my site but it doesn't mean I'll be completely absent from social media. I'll be updating Instagram and Twitter with my regular holiday outings, adventures and of course, my signature outfit displays.

For now, though, don't forget whilst I'm gone my giveaway is still open and if you like, you can have a catch up on all my latest posts this month (I'm sorry I never got the chance to reply to comments before I headed off, I've had a crazy busy schedule but I promise I always read, appreciate and smile until I'm flushed in the cheeks at every single one).

Adios, and see you when I resentfully fly back on home ground!

Bridie x


Saturday, 25 June 2016

How To Pack and Prepare Your Summer Holiday Outfits

The build up to a holiday abroad is, in my eyes, one of the best parts. The thought of taking a trip out of reality to a placid place with only unwinding relaxation, scorching sunshine, photo opportunities and the exploration of exciting locations on your to-do list is enough to boost your spirits no matter what's going on around you but of course, with a holiday comes organisation and with organisation comes a bedroom resembling a warehouse, clothes piled up in a measly sized suitcase with a cram and hope it doesn't exceed the luggage limit mantra and a last minute panic on if you've managed to gather enough unique, appropriate, contemporary fashion to fill your insta content for the fortnight.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Instant Effects: The Lip, Eyes and Lash Review

In this day and age, the beauty industry is widening to the extremes. Gone is the acceptance of our not so perfectly rounded features and a three pound lip-gloss from a magazine doing the trick in your daily makeup routine, and hello are the following of trends, constantly wanting to evolve and enhance our natural elements with expensive cosmetics and sometimes, even surgical procedures. That's not necessarily a bad thing, I say go ahead and make yourself feel amazing if you have the funds and really do want to make a change to small part of you that will expand your confidence positively. I, personally, however, would be an absolute wuss and I'd chicken out purely at thought of it going horribly wrong and ending up resembling Pete Burns meets Chewbacca. This is where Instant Effects comes into the equation. When I received an email informing me of the range of products that deliver targeted treatments without the need for any extensive add ons, I jumped at the chance. I was kindly sent the trio but in no way was I obliged to promote - I've just loved using them so much that I had to share my views on this breakthrough phenomenon!
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