Monday, 30 September 2013

A day at Lou Lou's Vintage Fair

Yesterday, I attended my very first vintage fair at my local town hall. I'd heard about it on Facebook and persuaded my mum to be my partner for the day as I've been wanting to go to one for so long now. As I ventured in, I didn't have a clue where to start. There were around 50 stalls of men's and women's vintage clothes, shoes, jewellery and accessories scattered around the hall followed by another few stalls downstairs displaying glassware, vintage furniture and a cute, dinky tearoom decorated with patterned bunting. 

We spent around an hour browsing upstairs and then headed downstairs, ending the day with some tea and cake served in pretty crockery (well coffee, as I don't like tea *shock gasp due to the British stereotype* and I aren't even keen on coffee either but hot chocolate wasn't available tut tut). I had such a great day, I really enjoyed searching through the era's from the 50's to the 90's and not only that, the fashion, beauty and decor inspiration around me; including the hair salon where clients were experimented on with the old school hairstyles. The atmosphere was totally up my street, classic music was playing, the lights were dimmed and the gorgeous, detailed items shone through with the cozy lights.

I only spent £22 which was an even bigger advantage. The picture below is what I purchased and I am so so happy with the shirt which was only a tenner and is such a beautiful print. I loved the fair so much that I'm going to another one this weekend (Judy's Vintage Fair) with my brother who said he wouldn't mind going to the next one as they also sell vintage designer clothing. I'm intending on going to so many more in the future, especially with how some of them began in Leeds so offer free entry. I suppose you can't get fairer than that!

Lots of love...


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Roll With It

TOP - Zara // HIGH WAIST JEANS - Primark // FRILLY SOCKS - Topshop // BAG - Primark // SHOES - Topshop via eBay

I never used to wear jeans, I scrapped them when I grew out of my 'chav' stage but I have no idea why I labelled them as non-stylish as recently I've rediscovered my love for them again and comprehended just how handy they are; you can glamourise them or wear them casually and that's just what I've done. I'd be lying if I said I could afford the ever so lovely Topshop or American Apparel jeans so I went for the cheaper option of Primark (or in more relevant terms, Primarni...). I was surprised that they had exactly what I was looking for in there, high waisted black jeans which are stretchy enough for me to roll them up at the bottom, which is another phase I'm going through. I have these weird moments when I think 'yes, that would look great together' and my thought at this particular time was rolled up jeans, frilly socks and my adored t-bar shoes. Complete it with one of my favourite Zara tops and an old but trusty shoulder bag and there you have it, my outfit of the day. It did in fact work quite well considering the weather couldn't make its mind up, first it was dull, then it was sunny, then it was cold. I hate this awkward summer to autumn change where you just have no idea what to wear and have to make a prediction as to whether you will be too hot or too cold.

I'm becoming such a Primark hoarder recently and these jeans are definitely going to be famous in my day to day wear. I'm also planning on buying another pair which are such a good dupe of the Topshop Joni Jeans. The only annoying perk is the utter varied size guide. These ones are big fits so I had to get the size down, and the others I am wanting were way too tight so I needed the next size up and guess what? That's right, they didn't have it. Once I've finished my Autumn/Winter Primark trips I shall more than likely do a haul post so keep an eye out for that (if you are remotely interested in any way haha).

Hope you're all having a great week and if not, remember there's only two more days till the weekend (I can't believe how fast these weeks are flying by, I mean September is nearly over already!!)

Lots of love...


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Winter coat wishlist

It's been a bit quiet on my blog lately which is purely down to numerous hospital appointments, busy days and bad weather but speaking of weather, that's what's inspired and encouraged me to make a huge (and I do apologise for that) wishlist of winter coats that have caught my eye this season. As much as we'd like to hide and deny the fact winter is fast approaching, we have to face the facts. Britain doesn't shy away from abruptly changing weather seasons in a click of a finger and there's no better way to be prepared than to hunt down some spanking brand new possibilities of your winter coat to not only express your style but also keep you snug, warm and hopefully illness free when the time comes to add extra layers on.

I tried to narrow it down as much as possible but there's so many dashing statement pieces that I just couldn't and hey, more items means more choice and you can't complain about that (unless, like me you're an indecisive bugger that gets attached to various coats way out of your price range). From fur coats to boyfriend coats to pea coats, there's so many on show this year, not just from the high street but from them hidden gems online too.



I have to admit, I'm lusting over most of these and it's going to be a tough ordeal deciding which one to go for; not only is it the design of the coat, it's the variety of colours too. Personally I love the Zara coats, the couple of fur coats and the majority of the She Inside ones too. I've already tried the famous pink Zara coat and the Miss Selfridge Red Bow coat on in the shops and they're both stunning so at first it was a decision between them but now it's a decision between 50 (arghhhh!). Feel free to let me know your opinions on which coat is your favourite. Oh, and feel free to lend me a loan to purchase my winter wardrobe because money just doesn't go far enough hahaha.

Lots of love...


Saturday, 14 September 2013

Back To Black

CROP TOP - Primark // SHORTS - Forever 21 // SATCHEL - Primark // TIGHTS - Primark // SHOES - Topshop // NECKLACE - Forever 21
This outfit is very casual for me but it's been one of those Saturdays where I've had no motivation to do anything as you can most likely see with my moody face in the photos (my facial poses seem to have a mind of their own). Another reason for that is the quick snap of the photos which is why they're not the best effort but I thought I'd show the ordinary side of me for a change. I picked this crop top up for £5 from Primark and it has such lovely sewn in detail throughout the whole of it. Black's the kind of colour that can be worn with almost anything and it's gotten to that seasonal point where all the dark clothing has made its appearance in my choices again. I think my second pair of Mary Jane shoes are certainly going to be my statement piece as winter draws in; they're unbelievably comfortable and so pretty plus once again you can never go wrong with black on black. Such a simple colour, yet it can be dressed up and accessorized to look so elegant.

Hope you're all having a nice weekend!

Lots of love...

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Autumn Rain

DRESS - Primark // SHOES - Topshop via eBay // BAG - eBay
It's safe to say, Autumn has officially kicked in! The temperature has dramatically decreased, the rain is pouring, the days are duller and the nights are darker. For me, this can go two ways; I'm glad it's got to the point I can curl up in front of the fire with a hot chocolate and huddle under the duvet to get warm instead of being too sweaty and uncomfortable, but I'm not impressed that the opportunity to take my outfit pictures outside is slowly but surely fading away. This can only mean one thing, the quality of my pictures becoming poorer because of the appalling lack of light in my house and me having to stand in the doorway of the kitchen to try and let as much natural light in as possible so for that, I do apologise.

One thing that is appealing to me however is the A/W Collection in Primark at the moment, I think they've seriously upped their game lately. Recently I bought the £8 dresses that everyone seems to be hyping about, this one and the monochrome floral one (which I may feature in a future outfit post). I love everything about this dress, the simplicity of it, the style, the way it looks more of a Topshop tea dress than a Primark item and the colours that match my trusty brown t-bar shoes. It's not an over accessorized outfit as I think the dress looks much better bland and on its own but it's an outfit that can be worn both ways with the indecisive British weather; with a jacket or without a jacket and with tights or without.

Have you got a favourite A/W Collection at the moment? I can't wait to have several browses round the shops as the months get colder, even though I really shouldn't as I don't think my wardrobe or my debit card can take much more. I think window shopping is the best option for me!

Lots of love...

P.S: Another update on the couple of new things added to my blog; a brand new blog button created by yours truly and a Facebook page I made especially for my blog. I thought it would be much better that way so I can update my posts to there even though I really don't know why I bothered as Facebook seems to be getting more irrelevant as the years go on ha ha.


Saturday, 7 September 2013

Return Of The Mac

I guess the title of this post is a little misleading as it's not the return of any Mac products I've reviewed (minus the blusher in my August favourites) due to the fact I've only recently began to buy Mac makeup; I just think that song is a prime reminder of the 90's and when I say Mac, that voice in my head begins to sing along EVERY SINGLE TIME. Take away the k and voila, you have a relevant, fitted title.

Anyway, moving on from my mutterings, I'll get on to the serious side of things. I've read so much about MAC lipsticks since I became addicted to blogging and there's so many shades, you just don't know where to start or what to experiment. I knew I wanted to try a couple out because I wanted to move away from the laziness or should I say lack of my lip care and endeavour in some shiny new lippy. I'll admit I've never been a lover of lipstick but lately, I can't seem to leave the house without it. I do however, stick to a limit and that's not to go too heavy with the colours as I very much doubt that would suit me.

As you know, MAC makeup over in America works out that little bit cheaper so as scheduled, when visiting the mall whilst I was in Florida, I strutted over to the MAC counter of Macy's and was overwhelmed by choice. In my head, I had an idea what kind of colour I was wanting but I'm not well up on the different types so had to go from what I saw in front of me. In the end, I went for MAC Frost 'Ramblin' Rose'. It wasn't till I got back home that I noticed the Creme Cup and Coral Bliss were circulating the blogger network so they were bought from my remaining dollars transferred back to pounds. Straight away I knew they'd be the colours to complete my set of three.

MAC Frost Ramblin' Rose: This is a bronze/peach colour and is my most used as it was first bought. I find it being my staple piece shade as it completes the natural, nude look I go for in my day to day make up and is a simple colour that goes with everything. It is a shimmery and sheen lipstick but once settled it does leave a lovely golden glow. Personally, I love the frosty shimmer as it highlights your lips - the formulation is spot on and the colour is conveyed perfectly once applied. Plus out of the three, this seems to last the longest on my lips!

MAC Cremesheen Coral Bliss: I would say the colour of this lipstick is a tone lighter than the Ramblin' Rose (as you can probably guess, I always go for similar shades). It is a pretty coral colour that is right in the middle; not too light, not too dark. The creamy formula definitely overtakes the frosted element it says it has but once again, I don't mind as once applied it leaves a subtle, sheer finish and is pigmented enough for just one simple swipe. You don't have to fear it looking too loaded on your lips and it provides great coverage. That's what I love about this lipstick!

MAC Cremesheen Creme Cup: May I introduce you to my favourite lipstick, ever. I'm so glad I bought this as I've never had it off my lips since. The shade is a gorgeous nude/light pink with a slight blue undertone although it looks much darker off than on. It is definitely more creamy than normal textures (and I think Cremesheen is going to be my favourite kind from now on as both the Cremesheen's I have live up to their name) but it's hard to resist as the formula is so moisturising and prevents any form of dryness. This is another versatile lipstick as it's a simple, but effective colour. However, not only is it a gorgeous colour, it has such a pleasant smell to it too. It doesn't smell like an ordinary lipstick, it has a particular scent to it and I can't quite work out what it is but it is nice to the nostrils. My complexion is a pale complexion, but I do believe it would match to any sort of complexion with it being so light. The only downside is it doesn't stay on for long but it is build-able and you can reapply as often as you want. I'd certainly recommend to anyone who is looking for that soft, nude lipstick to wear on a day to day basis.

Do you have a favourite MAC lipstick? Or a favourite MAC product in general? I'm hoping to buy other products in the future as even though it is quite pricey, it fits the bill in my eyes (no makeup pun intended).

Lots of love...

P.S: I've had a little change around of the header on my blog. I'm not an expert at design but I think creating my own from scratch is a step up from me editing an already made base and I thought it looked cute. Picmonkey is a holy grail!


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Dressed in Zara

TOP & SKIRT - Zara // CUT OUT BOOTS - New Look // SATCHEL - Primark (old) // BRACELETS - Primark
Just recently I've developed a huge obsession with Zara and walking into there makes my eyes light up. I could easily buy near enough everything on the shelves but obviously that isn't possible so browsing around the shop I decided to treat myself to a couple of new items which was 'the' Zara skirt and this ditsy floral tee. I think treating yourself from time to time doesn't do you any harm and it's nice to pick up some fresh new things. I love the feeling of bringing new clothes home and trying them on! I've wanted to change my style just a little for a while now because I do think I dress too young and teenager-like which makes me look way younger than 20 and I often get mistaken for a 12 year old ha ha. Zara is much more of a classy and elegant shop and that fits my desired style well. Some may say I dress up too much for my lifestyle as I never go anywhere further than the local shops but that's just me and the most casual I ever stoop is jeans and a blouse.

I've seen these cut out boots floating around the internet since the New Look Autumn/Winter collection came out and I fell in love straight away. I was debating whether to get black or brown but I went for brown as I have my eye on some more Mary Jane Shoes from Topshop (uh-oh). The satchel is old but with it being brown and floral it matched perfectly so I went with that.

Hope everyone has had a lovely Thursday! Mine's been a bit meh but as the saying goes 'life goes on'.

Lots of love...


Monday, 2 September 2013

Dungaree Doll

SHIRT - Boohoo // DUNGAREE DRESS - Boohoo // SHOES - ASOS // BRACELETS - Primark // NECKLACE - Forever 21 // BAG - Old (mum's)
This is another one of those posts I've had saved in drafts for a while now, mainly because I wasn't struck on how the pictures turned out. However, I do love this outfit and it was definitely one of my favourites over the summer. I'm very fond of the dungaree trend at the moment and as it leads into Autumn I'll indubitably consider swapping the light colours for the darker dungarees and dungaree dresses. Florals once again make a regular appearance here with these pretty bracelets and one of my favored necklaces. I'm a big fan of pairing lockets with buttoned up collars as it seems to complete the look, don't you think? The bag was given to me when my mum cleared out her wardrobe, I'm always open to grab anything which was just going to be chucked out as I don't believe in wasting something that is still in usable condition and I'll always find a place for it.

Hope you've all enjoyed your first Monday back to reality (that's if your time has come to awake ready for action at school, college, uni etc). I often wish I could go back to how I used to be and have a set routine for the day but I bet most of you will disagree with that once the stress kicks in and if the situations were different, I'm sure I eventually would too as I know how things change and gradually get tougher as the year progresses ha ha.

Lots of love...

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