Friday, 25 November 2016

Five Tips For Christmas Catalogue Shopping

No matter how much we try and push it to the back of our minds and forget about the stress, Christmas is only just around the corner and with Black Friday (or should I say Black Monday to Friday) ushering our temptation to spend to the limit, it strikes that inner time bomb that is ready to go festive crazy! You probably haven’t thought about Christmas shopping via catalogues – it certainly isn’t something I’ve done since sitting on my Grandma’s knee in the 90s but despite them being a shadow from the past they are still popularly up and running and it is a fruitful way to bring in those bespoke buys. Just like revolutionised online shopping, the advantages are the same; it’s hassle free and you can browse from the comfort of your own home at a time suited to you. No long lines, no traffic jams, no strict opening hours, no slow walkers, no hounding and best of all – it’s delivered straight to your door ready for you to decide on.


Thursday, 17 November 2016

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Personal: What Made Me Happy In October

The month of October was that alive, I accidentally skipped the September section of my what made me happy posts but truthfully, there was nothing significant to report and everything that occurred almost identically matched the events of October - just on a smaller scale. October was a month I'd been excited for since I gained a life and a more optimistic outlook on my own integrity. The plans I had with the people I love the most outweighed the negatives I used to dwell on so much before I found a reason to move forward and now it's all over with there's no denying I'm a little bit sad (good job the dates in the diary are still been scribbled over up until the end of the year!). It's the impelling build up I'll miss the most but now we've moved into November, the clocks have gone back and winter has well and truly made its entrance there's still plenty to await with pleasure - mainly the big C word - but before that here's a summary of my manic month!

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