Here's where I try and amaze you with some extravagant facts about myself but then realise I'm really not that interesting.

I'm Bridie. A 22 year old average (some may say boring) Northern lady living in Leeds, West Yorkshire where I have lived all my life. You may previously recognise me from my previous blog name - Upon My Sleeve (or 'Oh So Bridie' if you're an avid reader from that far back - hello dedication). Now, as I'm still finding my way in the blogosphere, I'm taking on a brand new chapter with The Same Old Chic. I'd like to say there's some powerful meaning behind this name but really I just hold a strange love for the word 'chic' and aside from my ever growing blog adventures, my life is filled with the same old (you know). So here we are, third time lucky; let's hope this one sticks. Some may say I'm indecisive, my excuse is that I just strive for perfection. 

Let me take you on a short history trailI  started my blog back in 2013 after browsing through a variety of blogs for inspiration and knowing it would be something I'd enjoy doing in my spare time. What started off as a hobby has now become a huge part of my life and with that has developed a strong passion for photography, travelling, an even bigger fashion obsession and a desire to appreciate and monitor the adventures and discoveries through everyday life. I began defining my blog with just one certain topic but now I like to think I'm an all rounder and write about anything I fancy and whatever's on my brain when it's on full alert. From food and drink reviews, pretty places, my debatable thoughts and views, my personal style, local events, and (much to the dismay of my bank balance) the latest lipstick I've grown a fetish for. I like to think I live far beyond my means but that's another part of me I can bring to my blog *cough* excuses, excuses.

Blogging has rekindled my love for writing, given me a place to find myself and to embrace my unique qualities. It's given me opportunities only imaginable in a dream world and  now I can really start to see a future for my blog. Not only that, it's connected me with a community packed with optimism, creativity and all round loveliness - with people whom I can now call my friends (although everyone who crosses my path on the internet is classed as a friend) and which I'm forever grateful for. To put it truthfully, I love everything about blogging as a whole. I cherish each and every reader, comment and compliment. It's what gives me the motivation and determination to succeed, so I hope you all enjoy visiting my blog as much as I enjoy putting in the time and effort to strive to improve.
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