Thursday, 17 November 2016

A Winter Walk with Bon Prix

A few weeks back now (in fact, a whole month back) I was reintroduced to a local gem that defined the identity of tranquil nature in all its exposed glory. I was so kindly asked along to a photoshoot hosted by Bon Prix and arranged by the lovely ladies Jennie and Alice of Search Lab, in Roundhay Park - a place I've spent many of memories in but not quite grasped the hidden beauty of - to take part in showcasing this season's collection of coats and boots by the popular brand.

The weather for the day was perfectly matched with the autumn/winter feel aimed to be created in the heart of style. It was a crisp, dry afternoon with a haze of sunshine ready for us to explore the park from top to bottom - skilled photographer on hand, outfits provided, individual bloggers becoming a grouped team - and all we had to do was work our magic (or in my case, awkwardly pose as told to, hoping the photos turn out at least half decent erasing any signs of those uncovered flaws without the power of the delete button). I was quite nervous to start with, having not been familiar with this kind of occasion, but it turned out to be a fabulously fun adventure spent with a lovely bunch of bloggers and a quiet stroll round the open space filled with happy children, loved up couples, dog walkers, and surprisingly no extreme starers wondering why on earth we were hovering round one area until someone decided to move away from the set up shot. 

We certainly weren't deprived of locations to surround ourselves in; upon every stride we came across a picturesque place that would make the ultimate backdrop. From the golden leaf coloured concrete, to beneath the fallen bushes and underneath the featured trees, to the admiration of gentle flowing streams, of a duck's habitat in the form of a huge lake, upon concealed bridge tops and even just naturally wandering the linked pathways with everything green and totally Yorkshire in the distance. We probably got ahead of ourselves as we reverted back to childhood throwing all our energy into hand shimmying and playing amongst the leaves (hello, double chin) but that's what made the whole experience amusing and memorable. We could enjoy the environment and embrace the peaceful, scenic views with freedom knowing full well we have a couple of hours to just escape the ordinary and take advantage of the blogger life. 

Split into two separate groups of four; Gabby, VictoriaSophie, and I were all assigned distinctive outerwear and accessories to add to the effect, even if we did end up lusting over the opposed pieces of clothing. I was handed over a faux sheepskin camel coat with a real luxurious feel (seriously it was so soft and cosy) paired with some basic biker boots that luckily were strong enough to carry me through the muddy patches as we toured the grounds. My second combination was a classic red number that certainly acted as a statement, some black suede boots that granted my tastes delightfully and a floppy black hat to complete the masterpiece. I used to be addicted to my fedoras and bowlers and it's been a while since I've worn any kind of headgear so it was nice to familiarise myself with them again, and it even brought back my original love!

I felt super comfortable in both choices and as the day progressed (and as I adapted to how friendly, professional and reassuring Matt the photographer was) I became more comfortable and relaxed in myself, too. I felt confident and all dressed up ready for action which settled in with the atmospheric vibe of what a winter walk in the park should be about.

After finalising the last shots, testing another round of possibilities and somehow getting on to the subject of disastrous Tinder dating, me and the girls said our goodbyes to the people that made the encounter possible (and sent a huge thank you to Jennie and Alice for carting our case load of stuff around with them wherever we ended up), we finished off the day with a delightful champagne afternoon tea at the gorgeous and utterly British Roundhay Park mansion all generously courtesy of Bon Prix themselves. The food was amazing but proved too much for my defeated stomach. I wish I could have managed to eat every carefully presented sandwich, quiche, scone and sweet desserts that made my eyes pop and mouth water but alas not. It was most certainly appreciated, though and amongst the gossiping and the wine drinking, it gave us all a chance to catch up and bond blogger style.

I had such a fantastic day and relished in every moment. Now I've been blessed with a brand new coat of my choice that has become my staple for snugness and my very own Bon Prix lookbook established to keep which is always a bit bizarre seeing my face in. I've never felt so honoured to be associated with such a well put together campaign and it's definitely spurred me on to up my fashion game, so watch this step.

Have you shopped at Bon Prix in this progressing autumn into winter season?

Bridie x


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