Friday, 23 August 2013

Forever 21

TEE & SHORTS - Forever 21 // T-BAR SHOES - ASOS // HAIR RIBBON - Hand made

Let me just start off here by apologising for my dodgy poses in these pictures, I'm still new to blogging and I'm just about learning how to pull off the 'non-awkward model pose' hehe. I'll start on the hair ribbon first... I bought some lace at the beginning of the year from a Canadian shop just by searching on the internet. I bought it for my Grandma's friend who was going to kindly sew some lace onto some shorts for me but I ended up having lots of it left over and I've gradually used it for many random things over the months, including a hair ribbon. To me, it just completes the look of ponytail. It's a saviour for me to be quite honest as I tend to think my hair looks too dull without any accessory added on when my hair is tied up, so you can't go wrong with a bit of DIY!

Whilst in America I of course had to visit Forever 21, not only is it one of my favourite shops but apparently it's the American version of Primark and anyone in their right mind knows just how fabulous Primark is. We visited one of two of the biggest malls in Florida which was 'Florida Mall' it had all the shops I desired in there Forever 21, Zara, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Sephora, Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret etc etc but I have to say, I was slightly disappointed in a few (mainly the clothes shops) as they weren't as great as I expected and I honestly think the shops over here have a bonus on size and choice. Forever 21 was huge but the stock I'd seen online wasn't present in the shop at all. In fact, I think there were just one or two things I'd actually seen in there that I'd had my eye on online which I suppose is the case for back in England too. They never have as many things/the items you've seen in the shops as they do online. Does anyone else find this occurring way too often?

After a comical struggle trying everything in my power to reach for the tee which was on the top rail (yes I know I could have just asked for assistance but me being the difficult person I am, I went my way ha ha), I finally picked up these two items (plus a couple of other things); a lace tee and some geo print cotton shorts. I ended up wearing the shorts whilst I was over there as they are cool and light enough to prevent me from collapsing of heat exhaustion but also they're as pretty as picture, I seriously love them. They're the sort of shorts you can just chuck on when you have a 'can't be bothered' mood or you have no clue what to wear and the great thing is, they'll go with almost anything, including tights for those chillier days.

Speaking of chillier days, summer is slowly but surely drifting away into the Autumn/Winter and I'm dreading putting all this type of clothing away ready for the bitter months to follow. Although I've got to say that means another shopping trip for winter clothes and that has to be good right? Personally, I love winter fashion and it's just an excuse to go out spending again but then again, I think I just enjoy piecing outfits together in my head as I shape up for the seasons.

Which do you prefer, summer or winter? I hope the glorious weather keeps up for the latter end of August as I'm going away for a long weekend to a caravan park for the bank holiday in just a few hours which should be fun. It's nothing special, but it's another break away from the same old and I'm grateful for that. There's nothing like soaking in the fresh vibe of the seaside. Hope everyone else enjoys their bank holiday whatever you get up to! I have plenty more outfit posts planned out for when I come back (I'm just hoping the weather holds out).

Lots of love...


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