Sunday, 18 May 2014

Summer in florals

Co-ord - thehomemadecloset (Instagram) | Hat - Primark | Shoes - Topshop via eBay

Summer has finally arrived! Well for now anyway. Even the slightest bit of the sun in the UK brings out the gleeful spirit within us so when it actually reaches above 20 degrees, that's a big deal for us (especially for me being down in Yorkshire!). I love the whole feel of summer; the strong smell of barbecues and fresh grass, the flowers blooming, the sound of music blaring out from the local pubs and the ability to grab your summer bits from your wardrobe and style them without having to worry about freezing to death. 

I wouldn't say I'm confident in how I look, especially when you can no longer hide your legs away in tights, so when I wore this co-ord out in public, I was reaching out of my comfort zone. I think it worked though? This beautiful, effortless co-ord handmade by thehomemadecloset is perfect to wear in the warm sunshine as it's not only nicely spacious and light, it's made so delicately that you don't have to add much detail for it to look effective. My new Primark gem and my trusty brown t-bar shoes were enough to complete the outfit and allow me to be completely comfortable at the same time. Now all there is to do is to cross my fingers and hope the sun stays for as long as possible!

Hope you've all been enjoying your weekend! Do you have a favourite spring/summer outfit yet?



  1. ahha that's so true! we go mental and so excited at this time of year - better make the most of it because we never know when it's going to go back to the typical uk misery;p This outfit is gorgeous and you look so beautiful! I've not got a favourite s/s outfit but I'm looking forward to wearing sundresses! x
    Life as a Petite // Bloglovin ♥

  2. love the print of the co-ord so much. so cute and girly! and definitely perfect for a sunny weather.

  3. Love that co-ord set, the floral print is so pretty and it looks so summery! I also totally agree with you about bare legs, it takes me a while to let go of the winter tights - you just get so used to them haha! :)

    Millie x

  4. I love this outfit, it's so pretty:) And I love the shoes, I really want a pair like that!x


  5. Your shoes are so adorable and the hat too! Would love it if you stopped by my blog

  6. I think you look lovely, and I LOOOOVE the homemade closet! I recently started following them on facebook. Can't wait to order a co-ord. We recently did a post on co-ords check out our blog, if you fancy!

    Think you blog is great. You have a new follower in me :D

    Harriet xx


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