Thursday, 12 January 2017

Wednesday Wishlist: The Cold Weather Edit

It seems my inability to be punctual and tracked to schedule worked out logically apt today as the UK turns bitterly cold and the forecast blizzards, that are already hitting the rest of Europe but aren't particularly welcomed here, move in. Yesterday (when the wishlist was meant to be posted) saw savage winds hurl the country, not made to be accompanied by extra accessories that are bound to blow away never to be seen again as soon as you step out of the car and hold on to your dear life; so a new day means a new attitude to the weather that's taken a downfall into the worse winter months already striking at the start of January. 

I don't think there's anybody who likes to be cold. I certainly can't stand the lack of circulation, the icy nose, and the chattering of the teeth - I'd much rather consider hibernating inside with only Netflix and a cup of hot soup to keep me company but unfortunately bracing the outdoors isn't avoidable. What I do like is keeping sheltered, getting wrapped up warm in as many layers as possible and making myself protective in my own snuggle bubble. Finding your dream coat (or coats) is all well and good but I think the knitted extras are totally underestimated. Scarves act as blankets, hats add a quirky touch to your outfit whilst screening your poor, exposed ears and gloves - although hard to pair with a phone that never leaves your magic typing fingers - are super satisfying when your hands just can't bear the crisp temperatures. Not only that, they're great investment pieces and versatile in how you style with the rest of your wardrobe. Whether you're a cashmere and faux fur kinda person, or someone who's happy enough with soft cotton and wool - my high street picks are bound to get you through. Enjoy! (Or at least try).

What's your favourite go to item in the cold weather?

Bridie x


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