Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Wedding season with Aisle Style

Mid summer has arrived (if you can call it that) and that means wedding season is well on its way. Personally, I haven't attended a wedding for years so it was a definite spirit lifter when my auntie announced she was finally tying the knot after 13 years. Of course, as a typical glamour lover the first thing I thought of was the dress shopping and the excuse to get your hair done but as simple as that may sound, there's stressful plans to follow and not just for the bride themselves!

It's not just the bride who has the dress debate. Finding that one dress can bring a shower of many emotions; annoyance, hatred, apprehension, and the sheer joy when you see one that not only fits in with the wedding theme but looks amazing on you. When Aisle Style got in touch it was the perfect opportunity to put together a group of dress ideas for the special occasion itself. Whether you're going to be a bridesmaid, an ordinary guest, the mother of the bride or welcomed along to get drunk and dad dance at the evening do, they have a choice for everyone. I always feel like you need a mix match of styles, colours and cuts at a wedding as it adds to the distinctive role you play in the happy atmosphere. This small selection was based on the most popular to suit every shape, size and tastes; from bandeau, to one shoulder, short to long, and if you fancy a risk even a take with the seductive and daring and the glitzy prom dress. Afterall, you've got to reach for what you feel comfortable in whilst you add a touch of class and make an entrance (you just have to remember to try not show the bride up!).





One shoulder:




Little black dress:

The seductive and daring kind:

Prom style:

Mother of the bride:

What's your favourite style dress to wear at a wedding?

Bridie x

*this is a collaborative post 

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